Your Ultimate Accessories Guide – How to Spice Up Your Festival Outfit!

Your Ultimate Accessories Guide – How to Spice Up Your Festival Outfit!

by: Lilian Chang


You have the PERFECT outfit for your next festival or event, but how do you make it even better?

Accessories are the definition of ‘the little things matter’. Amp your outfit to the next level by adding these small touches that can really tie in your look! Don’t know where to start?

Let’s start from all the accessories you can add from head to toe. This is your ultimate guide to accessories and ways to spice up your festival outfit!



Gloves can tie in any outfit!

Look more sophisticated, elegant or event edgy! Also keeps your fingers warm when it cools down during the night.


🛍️ Mesh Lace-Up Gloves


🛍️ Dangerous Love Gloves



Add some shimmer to your hair with hair cuffs.

Cuff these cute pieces around smaller braids to create a that mystical or edgy feel to your look.



Glitter and shine, and everything nice!

Add tinsel or extensions to add a pop color to your hair!

Big or thinner strands can emphasize your outfit and add some fun.



Buckets hats, caps, headbands, and more!

Spice of up your head with different types of hats and headbands that goes with your theme or costume.

Make it reflective, patterned, sparkly, animal-themed- whatever goes with your outfit!



Earrings, hair clips, bracelets, necklaces, rings...should I go on?

Small pieces make a big difference!

Make a statement with those fluffy earrings, layer those perlers, stack those rings and piece those colorful hair clips.

The options are endless!



Add some sparkle and accents to your face and body with gems, glitter and stickers.

If you want to brighten up your makeup look, these add ons are the answer as they will illuminate your look all day and night.

PRO TIP: Put lash glue on gems and stickers to ensure it’ll stay on all night!



UV protection is as important as keeping stylish!

With many sleek, colorful, techy and even funny sunglasses designs, up your outfit while also protecting your eyes from those UV rays during those day festivals or bright lights at night.

Even resting them on your head will bind your look together!



Stay warm and stylish!

Pashminas (my personal fave accessory) are a great addition to an outfit.

With the infinite designs, it’s a a great way to show your love for an artist, show off your personality and add color to your outfit.

Besides that, pashminas have many functional uses!

Shade your face from the sun, protect your nose and mouth from the dust, or even use it as a blanket to sit down or keep warm!



Tough, cute, dainty- however you want to look, body chains are a great way to add some ‘jewelry’ to your fit!

Add it to your chest, waist, arms- body chains can be added anywhere for that shimmering look!


🛍️ Berlin Harness



Your legs need a little love too! Finalize your top-bottom outfit with some leg action.


🛍️ Disco Garter

Create a sweet, mystical look with light colored wraps or harnesses or go dark and metallic to create that edgy and dark vibe.


Always remember to add that spice to your outfit! Be sure to check out all the cute ones they have here at Rave Bae Couture 💚

This is your Ultimate guide to music festival Accessories!


About the author: Lilian Chang

Hello! My name is Lilian and I am from Toronto, Canada. Raving and going to music festivals has taken over my life in the past couple years and I do not regret a single moment.

Making kandi and creating special moments with friends are my favorite rave memories, especially meeting new ravers around the
world! Catch me at the bass stage breaking my neck or shuffling at the house tent.

Follow my rave and PLUR moments through my IG: @lilianchangz


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