We provide a full refund or store credit for your order if:

  1. You receive your item(s) and there is a defect such a tear, stain, missing item etc.
  2. You received a different item or size than what you ordered
  3. The item(s) doesn't fit or look as expected or as shown on the site

It is your responsibility as the customer to contact us and describe the problem(s) and/or defect(s) immediately upon receipt.

You will be asked to provide photos of the damages you are claiming to be present in your item. Failure to provide photos will only cause delays in resolving the situation at hand. 

You must return the item before receiving a refund or store credit. We will provide a return shipping label so you don't have to pay for the return shipping.

Please do not file a claim or dispute through PayPal or your bank without first contacting us. It is our goal to provide you with the highest level of customer service and satisfaction and escalating a situation to such extremes without contacting us first will only result in delays of a conflict resolution.

**We do not provide refunds or replacements for packages that get lost / stolen. If the tracking information says "Delivered" but you still do not see your package, we will help investigate what could have happened, however we cannot offer a refund or free replacement if this occurs.

Please make sure you enter the correct address at checkout.