Wook Fashion Guide

Wook Fashion Guide

by:  Dan Zechmeister


Your favorite festival has been cancelled 😢💔but now you have plenty of time to experiment with new fashion styles you wouldn’t have otherwise considered😁

The wook, for example, always seems to be ‘one with the forest,’ centered, a bit mysterious, and as wise and as perplexing as nature itself...being a wook is a state of mind...but dressing the part is actually a lot easier than you might think!

When raves and festivals finally do make their comeback, you’ll be ready with your newfound style!

Classic Wook - Starter Pack

If you’ve ever been to an outdoor festival like Shambhala or Electric Forest, then you’ve no doubt observed wooks in their natural habitat.

But how exactly do you get that classic wook look? Well, there’s only a few things you need:

  • Pashmina
  • Shirt (optional): graphic-T, festival shirt; a simple tye-dye works great!
  • Snapback hat
  • Harem pants
  • Footwear: shoes with no socks; sandals


  • Third-Eye Pinecone / necklace
  • Wristbands, bracelets
  • Blanket

Go nuts, experiment, try different variations on the style!

Variations on Wook Fashion

These days it can be hard to get your hands on even the simplest of things (toilet paper for one), let alone wook clothing.

So, here are some tips on how to ‘wook it up’ - no matter what situation you’re in.

And keep in mind, you can wear your wooketry in any number of ways. Check out the selections below - mix them up and go wild!

On-a-Budget Wook

  • Pashmina (substitute with: a scarf, towel, rag)
  • Snapback (sub: baseball cap or fishing hat)
  • Shirt (sub: any silly graphic t-shirt at walmart or no shirt at all)
  • Harem pants (sub: sweatpants or no pants)
  • Footwear (sub: flip flops, barefoot)

(On a Budget Wook in its natural habitat)

Grocery Shopping Wook

You might have noticed things you wore at raves and festivals can be useful when you go out shopping to protect yourself from Covid-19.

Simply add a rave mask and LED gloves to the classic wook:

(Dept. of Fish & Wildlife warns to keep a
6 feet distance from wooks at all times).

Quarantine AF Wook

You’re stuck at home, so live it up!

Get comfy af and let your family know where you’d rather be.

(but wait, I can leave the house, right?)


Now it’s time to get your wook on!

Or whatever your rave style is, check out the awesome stuff here At Rave Bae Couture! 👽

(Please do not feed wooks)

About the author: Dan Zechmeister

Hey there! I'm Dan, aka @that_wook_

I've been going to raves and festivals all across the USA for years. I went to my first Electric Forest a raver, and came out a wook. I love dubstep, electro funk, trance, psybass, and tribal house.

I'm a medicinal plant enthusiast, phenomenologist, and I love talking about microdosing with psychedelics. More on that here @mescaline_in_my_soul


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