What's In My Festival Bag

What's In My Festival Bag

by: Molly Hannah


Whether it’s your first festival or you’re a festival veteran, what you bring with you to a rave is essential!

I’m going to share with you what I pack in my hydration bag for every festival I attend! I hope you find this helpful and that you’ll be prepared for your event!

First things first, a hydration bag is key!

You must stay hydrated to keep your body healthy! Make sure you check with your events bag policy so you’re prepared!

Some events require clear bags while others don’t! Do your research and you’ll be ready to pack your bag!

I always carry the necessities like my phone, wallet, and keys! Those are important.

Portable Charger

Next I pack a portable charger! You never know when you’ll need to make a call or link up with your crew!

They are cheap and a must have for me!


Another must have is my pashmina!

These are perfect for when the sun goes down and the temperature drops.

You can use them as a blanket if you need to rest your legs or as a shawl to keep you warm!


I’m a kandi kid at heart so I also make sure I have kandi bracelets with me to trade!

It’s such a fun way to meet friends and start up a conversation! I like to carry gum with me, others will be happy you have some to share as well!


Chapstick keeps my lips hydrated so I always pack a few.


I like to bring sunglasses to protect my eyes and to make sure I have a good view of the stage!


Lastly I pack a fan, it gets hot during the middle of summer and you’ll be glad you brought it!

Plus you can fan others and cool everyone down! They are also fun to dance with!

Those are my essentials! I hope you found this helpful and that you are more than prepared for your future festivals and be sure to check out the shop here at Rave Bae Couture for your next outfits!

As always stay safe and PLUR on friends!


About the author: Molly Hannah

Hi I’m Molly! I’m 30 and I have been raving since 2017! I live in Indiana and travel from rave to rave! You’ll always find me at the bass stage, and I’ll always have kandi to trade! @MollyEDM


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