Sweet Like Kandi: What is Kandi & How to Make Them

Sweet Like Kandi: What is Kandi & How to Make Them

by: Lilian


K-A-N-D-I, that’s how you spell kandi! Just like candy, it’s colorful, vibrant, and sweet to receive.

It may not be edible, but it is a staple in rave culture to wear, make, trade, and to give.

This is your guide in all things Kandi!


What is Kandi?

Kandi is unique and distinctive in the rave culture and are items that are intended to be worn, traded and/or given to fellow ravers as a sign of PLUR – peace, love, unity, and respect.

The most popular type of kandi are bracelets that are made from beads, charms, and other materials, usually with words or sayings.

Ravers love showing off their tradable kandi, stacking them all the way up on their arm to their elbow!

Kandi can be in forms of necklaces, anklets, keychains, cuffs and whatever you want to create!

Trading Kandi & PLUR

Though a great accessory to your outfits, Kandi is intended to be traded or given to other ravers that you might have built a connection or friendship to.

If it’s vibing with a stranger at a set, welcoming new ravers to their first festival, introducing PLUR, or helping a fellow raver out, Kandi is a great way to show your appreciation, express feelings and solidify friendships!

To trade Kandi, there is a unique PLUR handshake that is performed instead of simply giving your fellow raver a bracelet.


Check out how to trade Kandi:

How to make Kandi:

My friends and I always host a kandi parties before festivals and you can too!

To make Kandi, all you need are:

  1. Any types of beads (pony beads are most popular)
  2. Letter beads
  3. Bracelet String Cord
  4. Optional – charms, small toys…
  5. Most importantly…patience!

The style and design of your Kandi is all up to your imagination!

Let your imagination flow and create the loudest, subtlest, or colorful kandi with fun or meaningful sayings.

Some example statements can be: your favorite song or artist, feelings, names…and many more.

Kandi Etiquette and Tips:

  • Tie the ends of your bracelet at least 3 times to prevent breakage
  • Clip a binder clip at the end of the string when kandi-making to string beads easily
  • Kandi placement – Left arm: Untradeable Kandi, right arm: Kandi you want to trade
  • Do not trade away Kandi that people have given to you!
  • Kandi is special to each individual raver- allow the trader to give you the Kandi they choose for you and vice versa
  • Ask before trading – some people may not want to trade or not sure what to do, and that’s okay!
  • If someone doesn’t know how to trade Kandi, show them the PLUR handshake. Educating and sharing rave and PLUR knowledge is the best way to keep PLUR alive!

I hope you found this short guide helpful! 

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About the author: Lilian

Hello! My name is Lilian and I am from Toronto, Canada. Raving and going to music festivals has taken over my life in the past couple years and I do not regret a single moment.

Making kandi and creating special moments with friends are my favorite rave memories, especially meeting new ravers around the world! Catch me at the bass stage breaking my neck or shuffling at the house tent.

Follow my rave and PLUR moments through my IG: @lilianchangz


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