Wakaan Music Festival

Wakaan Music Festival

by: Larissa Umbleby


Liquid Stranger otherwise known as Martin Staff is the mastermind behind this falls first ever Wakaan Fest!

The inaugural fest will be held in the beautiful presence of Mulberry Mountain from October 2nd thru the 6th located in Ozark, Arkansas. Mulberry Mountain has also held Backwoods Music Festival in the past and years to come.

With a max capacity of only 7,500 attendees we are sure to meet some amazing individuals, and see some beautiful sunsets

Traveling to Arkansas might be a few miles for some or days away for others so pick your mode of transportation carefully! Flying to Arkansas would be a blast with 2 airports nearby but your best bet would be to drive since this is a camping festival.

With 3 nights or 4 for those who picked up early arrival passes you should make sure to pack thoroughly and check their website to make sure you’re not bringing in any prohibited items.

Let’s talk essentials. The goods. The priorities. “What should I bring?”.

First and most important thing you need to bring is WATER. Stay hydrated by bringing a reusable water bottle or a hydration pack to help keep the mountain clean! The Wakaan family wants to stress how important it is to maintain the environment, so make sure to pick up your favorite biodegradable glitters and leave no trash behind at your campsite.

Being on a mountain the weather could be constantly changing, so plan outfits accordingly. One of my favorite online shops for cute festie gear is www.ravebaecouture.com.

What an incredible lineup! With tickets 90% sold out before the lineup was released. Martin S. decided to release the lineup on the very last day of June which was a great surprise for me to see since I was camping at the Electric Forest. Myself, my boyfriend and a few of our friends purchased our tickets the day they were released with early anticipation.

A few names you should look out for this October in my opinion would be :

  • LSDREAM formerly (Brillz) His spaceship vibes with deep downtempo feels followed up by the perfect company will take you on such an incredible journey.

To highlight the female power performing at Wakaan this year is

  • Com3t,
  • Lucii,
  • Vampa
  • Zia
In a man’s world these ladies are killing the game! Can’t wait to see everyone on the mountain!


    If you're preparing for Wakaan or any festival be sure to check out all the awesome stuff here at Rave Bae Couture and remember that they actually plant 4 trees for every purchase! 


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