Trends & Makeup Tips To Kickoff Festival Season

Trends & Makeup Tips To Kickoff Festival Season

by: Cynthia


2020 has arrived!

It’s wild to imagine that we just wrapped up a decade that started off wearing cute little tutus and fluffies, rave bras adorned with multi-colored jewels, and topped with a floral crown.

Wondering what to wear in 2020? I’m about to break it down for you. 

Pastels are the move

Cotton candy pink, lavender, powder blue, and Aqua/ teal.

You’ll see the bodysuits, two-pieces, and accessories in these delicate colors. You can mix and match the colors or do a solid color look.

They pair well with iridescent, holos, and white, so you can re-use pieces of last year’s trends with them.


Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!

Ironically enough, I don’t accessorize much in my day to day life.

Raves are where I truly come alive and become an elevated version of myself— A Queen.

If you find yourself on a budget or want to reuse an old outfit but make it look new, add accessories!

This concept is not new, but the accessories are ever-changing.

I personally like to stock up during sales or use discount codes to save $ and add to my rave fashion stash. 

  • Glasses
  • Head/hairpieces
  • Face and body jewels
  • Chunky glitter
  • Skirts
  • Fishnets
  • Gloves
  • Stylish hydration packs
  • Small backpacks or Fanny packs
  • Costume jewelry


My new addiction— fur coats and platform boots or shoes. They make me feel some type of way.

Mix and match pieces, layer up, dress it down; you can’t lose

I’m going to quickly touch on an ongoing trend, and that is reflective gear.

I AM HERE FOR IT to continue in 2020. Give me reflective everything!

In white or multi-color, reflective wear is always fun and doesn’t require much thought to pull something together. 

Pro-tip: Reflective material doesn’t stretch so when ordering, it may be a good idea to go a size up in some cases. 

Sometimes, you got to let the makeup do the talking.

When I can’t decide on an outfit, or I want my make up to be the bold statement of my festival look, I’ll wear a comfy outfit such as shorts and a tee (insert unique graphic tee or artist/festival merch here).

I love to create makeup looks centralized around my eyeshadow.

Bright colors such as neon, bold smoky eye, or glitter-centric looks, are my jam. (Hint: use a glitter primer to make shimmer/glitter shadow pop, and last longer.) 

Pair with false lashes and a nude lip to complete the look. Take 1,000 selfies because you worked hard on the masterpiece that is your face. 


Everyone can embrace their inner rave goddess and work it 💁‍♀️💅

While fashion trends come and go, beauty is subjective so make it whatever you want it to be. Wear it with confidence!

If you haven’t stopped reading yet because you were too excited to start shopping for festival season, I want to inform you that coming soon, is more of my whimsical, rave and festival beauty editorial. AKA my beauty blog coming soon~ going live April 2020. 

Make sure you check out the super cute rave outfits and accessories here at Rave Bae Couture!


About the author: Cynthia

Cynthia is a crazy cat lady born and raised in Los Angeles, who is currently creating her own rave and festival inspired beauty blog.

When she is not hanging out with passport fam, curating content, or playing with makeup, you can follow her latest festival looks and Insomniac Passport adventures on Instagram and Twitter at @CynQuinBeauty.


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