The Drive-In Rave Guide

The Drive-In Rave Guide

By Krissy Reyes


Whoever thought drive-ins were a thing of the past must be in shock, because drive-ins are the new normal in 2020.

But more than just movie theaters, drive-ins are making a come back in the
form of event venues.

It’s the perfect escape for ravers in a time when normal events can’t happen just yet.

If you are planning to go to a drive-in rave soon, here are some tips and tricks to make sure you have the best experience possible!

Gather your homies

Tickets are priced per car--meaning that one ticket accommodates up to 5 people!

If you have a larger van, you can bring up to 8 people (or the legal number allowed in your car) and must pay for the additional passengers on site.

Of course, you are encouraged to only attend with people in your quarantine community, so choose your crew wisely.

Get there early

Spots are filled on a first-come first-serve basis, starting from the middle of each row towards the sides.

This means that the earlier you arrive, the closer you will be to the center.

Speaking from experience, the music isn’t as loud on the outskirts since there are more speakers located towards the middle.

Late arrivals are not permitted; you don’t want to miss the first act, anyway!

Dress up

Like any other rave, you should 100% dress up! It’s time to pull out those jerseys, pashminas, bodysuits, booty shorts, face gems, and GLITTER!

And don’t forget a stylish mask to pull your outfit together (P.S. masks will be required, so choose a good one).

If you’re a flow artist, you’re in luck

Since you have your own designated space to chill, you have your own little stage for flow arts.

Unlike being in a crowded festival, here you have the space to hoop, fan, staff, buugeng, etc. without hitting someone in the face!

Bring your own food and drinks

A cooler will be your best friend.

There will NOT be water stations, so it is up to you to stay hydrated.

Remember to bring lots of water, as well as any other beverages of choice.

Alcohol will likely NOT be served, so pack your own bottles and 6-packs (keep in mind that glass is prohibited, so make sure to bring plastic or aluminum!).

Sealed snacks and outside food are allowed, so bring a whole pizza if you like!

Pro tip: The venue will most likely sell ice if you run out or forget!

Decorate Your Space

Not only are you allowed to bring lawn chairs and inflatable couches, but you are also encouraged to decorate your space.

Christmas lights, plastic flowers, flags, totems, beer pong tables, tapestries, banners, signs, plants, whatever will make your space feel like home, bring it!

By taking all of these things into consideration, you can plan for an experience that will be just as good as the big-scale festivals we love and miss.

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About the author: Krissy Reyes

A grandma raver who actually enjoys watching the show from an inflatable couch


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