Stylish Raving On A Budget

Stylish Raving On A Budget

by: Amy Niu


The things we do to be able to afford each rave/festival could really be astounding, and sometimes we love to make the best of an occasion by balling out even more on a crazy cute outfit to enhance everlasting memories!

We all know too well, however, that the continuous money spent could really eat away at us over time.

All those purchases from different sites and their shipping fees in order to piece together a single outfit could really add up, and you’ll sometimes end up spending more than the rave or festival ticket itself!

With that being said, here are some helpful tips and tricks to consider to optimally style your future looks!

1. Be sure to compare prices!

It is important to pay attention if several stores sell a particular product you are wanting to buy.

For instance, Rave Bae Couture sells many items from J.-Valentine and other brands which iHeartRaves, Dollskill, Rave Wonderland, and Yandy do as well.

Another thing to do is look for alternatives on Amazon (I have found and happily approve of many good quality chains/harnesses from here), or Aliexpress.

You could shop at these retailers to find dupes of an item that is out of your budget zone, or rely on it to find endless options of cute accessories to really place the cherry on top for those fits!

2. RECYCLE the important parts and pieces!!!

Although some of the best outfits get endless compliments in person and on social media after the hard work and money spent, I have observed that many girls prefer not to repeat an outfit for a future event.

Instead of getting rid of your entire outfit after just one night of pictures and dancing, be sure to save your favorite bits and pieces of the outfit to help build another legendary outfit!

3. Check Mercari, Poshmark, Instagram, and Facebook for gently used gems!

If you are looking to buy goods from well-known rave brands that have been worn a couple of times for a PLUR price, checking all these sites are a wonderful source of help for your wallet.

Speaking from experience, Mercari is the place to go for rave items, and Poshmark is another site that may satisfy your glimmering hope of finding what you want if Mercari doesn’t have it.

Looking at rave closet accounts on Instagram are also beneficial for styling on a budget.

Not only are you helping yourself save money, you are also helping fellow ravers to clear out their closets and saving them from pesky selling fees encountered through Mercari and Poshmark.

(my personal closet account is @amyjvde_closet if you’re interested!)

Similarly, the Rave Outfit Exchange on Facebook is a closed group in which ravers exchange or sell their gently used works on a forum!

No such thing as selling fees here, either :)

4. Use discount codes!

Personal discount codes can easily be found on someone’s bio or story highlights.

They are a form of public relations that many shops use to grant benefits to customers, their influencers, and themselves!

Not only do customers save money using these codes at checkout, but influencers are granted with various things such as discounts, store credit, or commission each time their code is used at checkout.

Hopefully, these few tips will help you style your fits stress-free from losing copious amounts of money over time!

You will be surprised by how much money could potentially be saved by taking them into consideration.

Remember that in order to do this, be sure to take a step back and compare the price of the product with other stores before checking out, recycle the best parts of your worn outfit for the next, check for gently used goods over the internet, and use personal discount codes! :)

There's also some great deals on super cute rave outfits and accessories here at Rave Bae Couture so be sure to check out the store! 💚


About the author: Amy Niu

Hey everyone, it's Amy here :3 I am 21 years old & I'm a student of UC San Diego studying International Business. I have fallen in love with almost all types of EDM, not to mention a HUGE passion for dubstep :P

I have been a slave of the rave for over 2 years now, and can't wait to continue completing my festival bucketlist and making more lifelong memories for the foreseeable future! <3


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