Remembering the Unforgettable

Remembering the Unforgettable

by: Darrian Rapoza


The best festival experience that I have had would be Decadence AZ 2019 –

If you have not been to Decadence, I have learned that the Arizona location is significantly superior to the Colorado one.

While the venue in Arizona is not as spectacular with art installations in comparison to EDC, the venue itself accommodates heavily towards the headliners attending.

Decadence AZ embodied the right type of food, music and the system of getting
in as well as functioning throughout the festival was by far on the better end then most festivals.

The lines were not as crazy as other raves I have attended and the food selection was actually worth the price.

I indulged in doughnuts, pizza, and lastly the hot chocolate.

I am a big advocate for water during festivals regardless of day or night, water is a
necessity, but the hot chocolate was absolutely insane for the taste buds.

Decadence AZ was freezing as it is, and the heating lamps were a big help, but nothing brought a group of strangers together then sitting down waiting for the next set sharing hot chocolate and candy bracelets.

I was able to meet so many amazing people between sets and even made some friends with people I hope to reconnect with at EDC.

Now the music, G – Jones bringing in the New – Year was one of the best sets and ways I did not know I needed to start 2020 out perfectly. The set itself was arranged to everyone’s liking; the music and the lights made everything intense.

The best part was the fact that G – Jones was inside the tented stage, which made it so much easier to enjoy.

If you have not listened to G – Jones I highly recommend it.

So hopefully your next rave experience is the best one yet, each one is unforgettable in their own way!

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About the author: Darrian Rapoza

From one rave queen to another, I am overwhelmed with Blissfulness to share my experience with you. I hope you feel as magical as I do at these festivals. Catch me under the Electric Sky!


  • Rob Howard: May 06, 2020
    Author image

    Made me wanna rave again /:

  • Harold Rapiza: May 06, 2020
    Author image

    Loved the article. Can’t wait to attend one in the future. Love you.

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