Raving Into The New Year

Raving Into The New Year

by: Jessica Nicole


I think it’s safe to say 2019 has been a year full of trials and tribulations for us all, testing our limits to help us grow into the person we’re meant to be, instead of want to be.

At the beginning of the year, I hadn’t been to a rave or show bigger than 1,000 people max. I was stuck in a never ending cycle of breaking up and going back to my toxic ex, and revolved all of my activities around him or that.

So when he told me he wanted to go to the XO tour, bringing Slander, Spag Heddy, and Svdden Death to Vegas, I was completely on board.

I hadn’t been very into the EDM scene before, just a few desert raves here and there because I loved the energy, so being at a tour show with 3 incredibly bass heavy artists was something new and different to me. And I loved it.

I found myself headbanging to the beats without having ever done it before, linking arms with strangers I had only met that night, to headbang together.

The next day I told my ex, “I need to do that more. I need to go to more shows like that. I’ve never had that much fun before.” and you can probably guess that it hadn’t happened again for a long, long time.

Fast forward to September, I finally left him after 2 and a half years, after finding out he’d cheated on me multiple times with multiple different girls. I was broken, I was in the lowest spot I’d ever been in. He’d convinced me I was crazy, hard to love, meant to be alone.

A close friend of mine saw that I was incredibly depressed, and invited me to attend Life is Beautiful with her. Over that weekend I danced to so many new songs and genres with her and my sister & it had become the time of my life.

This was the weekend I decided I would be going to Escape, less than a month away, because I had never been to a massive rave event and decided that needed to change.

So on October 25, I had left for San Bernardino with the new boy I was seeing, whom I’d met through EDM twitter, coincidentally.

To say it was the best weekend of my life would be an understatement.

We were given VIP passes from one of the Insomniac performers, we’d made 100+ new friends, and all night people were complimenting our energies, saying we put so much good into the world that were finally going to get some back.

Escape changed my life. I went from having no friends, no one to go to, no where to run, to always having a shoulder to cry on and a place to stay.

The people I’ve met through this community have changed my life forever.

I’ve started a career, modeling for rave fashion brands. I’ve found myself going out and socializing 10x more than I ever did before.

I’ve begun looking forward to the coming months and years, excited for what it holds in store and what festivals I may attend!

The EDM community is easily the best thing to happen to me, and saved my life.

That being said, I hope everyone reading this experiences a festival as magical as Escape was for me, and finds friends within the community that will never let you down. Happy New Year!

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About the author: Jessica Nicole

Hi, I’m Jess! Find me wandering around at your local show or fest trying to make new friends or complimenting everyone!
Instagram/Twitter: @SpookyLilJ

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  • Lena: January 15, 2020
    Author image

    Reading this makes me happy friend I’m glad you found a NEW man &’ hobby that makes you feel alive &’ happy ❤️ Warms da heart miss you

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