Raving at the Drive-In: Subtronics with Calcium and Level Up

Raving at the Drive-In: Subtronics with Calcium and Level Up

by: Sadie Rey


2020 has brought us a brand-new world order when it comes to raving.

After months of livestreams and virtual festivals, promotion companies and DJ’s across the country have teamed up to bring drive-in shows to as many cities as they can manage.

Last month, I got to see Subtronics with Calcium and Level Up at the Alameda County Fairgrounds and I loved every second of it!

If a drive-in show is coming to your city, I absolutely recommend you snag a ticket (keep an eye out though, they always sell out super fast!).

It can be hard to keep track of when shows are coming to your city, so I recommend following local production companies and staying active on social media so you can be alerted to shows immediately as they are announced.

Here’s a rundown of my experience, and some tips to make sure you make the most out of your drive-in experience too.

1. Get to the venue early!

For Subtronics, the gates opened at 6:30pm so we made sure we were one of the first cars in line so we could get a good viewing spot.

2. Bring snacks and LOTS of water!

You do not want to lose energy or get dehydrated, and you can stash everything in your car so it is super accessible.

3. Wear your comfiest dancing shoes!

You’ll have some space around your car to get down with your rave fam.

I definitely missed the feeling of being in a crowd, but even with the distancing guidelines we still had an amazing time.

Every venue is a little bit different, and the county guidelines vary slightly.

For example, Alameda County did not allow for the production team to set up a sound system so we all had to tune into the music stream on our car radios.

While the lack of a central sound system was disappointing, I was so overwhelmingly happy to be experiencing live music after six months away.

My last suggestion is… go all out!

I planned my outfit about a month in advance and talked to the group I attended with almost every day for a couple of weeks.

We were so excited for live music to make a comeback and it was amazing to feel those pre-show jitters we had been missing!

Bring glowsticks and fun decorations for your car, and definitely check out all the latest styles on Rave Bae Couture to create a look you’re super excited about!


About the author: Sadie Rey

Hi! My name is Sadie, and I’m usually the one running late because I’m busy putting glitter anywhere it will stick. I make jewelry and accessories (check out my pieces on Instagram!) and I’m always dreaming up my next rave outfit!

Instagram: @sadiejulia/@flippedbysadie


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