Rave Stereotypes

Rave Stereotypes

by: Mackenzie Zirkelbach


We’ve all seen them...the raver stereotypes.

If you haven’t been to a festival or rave, here’s a Top 5 list of people you’re bound to bump into.

1. The Wook

This is your 5th year senior.

This isn’t their first rodeo, in fact, it’s their 6th year in a row attending and they’ll probably tell you that 10 times in one conversation.

How can you identify a wook?

They’re decked out head to toe in crazy patterns and trippy clothes doing some weird dancing.

2. Rave mom

Every group needs one.

This is the one person who has their life together and takes care of everyone they come in contact with.

A rave mom will be strapped with the essentials every raver needs but forgot. Items like: chapstick, gum, water, Advil, vitamin c packs, hair ties, bobby pins, literally anything inside their Mary Poppins Fanny Pack.

3. “Rave Model”

Only here for the pictures.

Complaining the whole weekend how there’s no service and can’t post any of their pictures.

Only knows the headliners and their favorite set was the one rapper who performed.

4. Squirrel Bladder 

Only has to pee when you’re 2 rows from making it to the rail of a set.

They conveniently didn’t have to go in between shows like everyone else. Their bladder only activates amongst a giant crowd of the best set of the night. 

5. Soulmate

And finally, this person is why going to festivals is so awesome.

This is the best friend you’re wondering why you never met sooner.

You have so much fun together and you just vibe on a level you can’t put in words.

Numbers may be exchanged and you keep in touch or you’re so busy having the best time of your life with this person and you hate yourself afterwards for not getting any social handles. 

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About the author: Mackenzie Zirkelbach

My name is Kenzie and I am a content creator. I go by @phoenix_fiberflo and @kenzziezirkk on Instagram. I love learning new things and working on personal/spiritual growth.

I enjoy meditation, yoga, hiking/adventures, and sharing my art. If I'm not doing any of those things I'm probably hanging with my fur baby @koda_kub.

Message me for web, blog, and/or social media content creating or just to make a friend in the rave community. (:


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