Rave Bag Essentials

Rave Bag Essentials

by: Catherine Nguyen


One of the most noteworthy hardships of being a Rave Bae is an extension of the struggle: I don’t have any damn pockets.

Alternatives include, bugging your boyfriend every 10 minutes for your phone he graciously stored in the pocket of his shorts, carrying your items in your bra cups, and digging a hole on the festival grounds that you will dig up later.

After going to double digital festivals, I finally made peace with the fact that behind every Rave Bae, is a fully stocked bag that keeps her (or him!) easy, breezy, beautiful.

Let’s take a quick look today at my festival essentials that I always bring in my rave bag.

The Bag

My bag of choice is a good old fanny pack!

I prefer them because they are compact, forcing you to bring only really what you need.

Most importantly, they stay strapped in front of you so it is less likely someone can take your things if you’re not looking.

When I attend festivals that can be colder and I wanted to bring a jacket, I would relent and bring my string bag. However I resolved this by purchasing my next item…

Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket

This was a GODSEND and I think everyone should have one. It is a puffer jacket that is ULTRA light, yet still warm. It folds up into a carry case that comes with purchase.

I cannot stress how compact and reliable this is, so you don’t need to sacrifice style for comfort because this brings you both! I can squish this into my fanny pack with no issues!

Ear Plugs

Having fun is the goal, but having fun responsibly is the most important thing to consider.

I honestly think festivals should be handing these out for free, given how disastrous the results on our ear drums can be.

I suggest finding a pair of ear plugs that come in its own container so you will not lose them, and you can possibly hang them off your belt loop which keeps it accessible and you have more room in your bag.

Click here to get the RaverMD Earplugs from Rave Bae Couture!

Battery Pack

A battery pack is an essential for me – even though it takes up the most real estate in my bag.

Without my phone, there are no photos, and most importantly, there is no access to my friends when we are coordinating logistics.

I bought a really small battery pack, the size of my hand.

It might not be the MOST long lasting, but it gets me through the night!

Nasal Inhaler

Dancing in the crowd, underneath the hot sun, surrounded by a bunch of bodies is really fun…but it can also be super overwhelming.

These nasal inhalers legitimately give me a second wave. The best way I can describe these, is that it acts like a portable breath of fresh air.

These are traditionally used for colds for when your sinuses are clogged but trust me – these will really enhance your experience!

GloFX Glasses

These might not be ENTIRELY essential, but I carry these in my bag when space permits.

Not only does it enhance the amazing graphics and light shows, it’s a great way to break the ice with the people around you and make friends!

I have made a lot of great connections by simply offering the person next to me a try, and we are rave besties all night long!

Phone Necklace

So this doesn’t TECHNICALLY go into my festival bag, but it needed its own noteworthy mention.

These are waterproof pouches that let you store your phone around your neck.

I originally bought this for going to resorts, but I have found this really handy to have at festivals as well. It protects your phone, while remaining accessible.

If the party gets REALLY fun, you won’t have to worry about your phone flying out somehow. A definitely recommendation!

I hope these small tips and tricks were useful. Part of a great festival experience is being well equipped for it.

All of these things have served me well, and I hope they serve you guys too!

And any other rave gear needs check out the super cute stuff they have here at Rave Bae Couture 💚



About the author: Catherine Nguyen

I'm a Canadian girl from Toronto who has a passion for festival fashion and food (all my friends call me Foodgirl). My favourite thing to do at raves is to connect with other girls and have a great time discussing our cultures and Instagram!

My Instagram is www.instagram.com/catherining - follow along for festival and travel adventures 


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