Debunking Rave Stereotypes

Debunking Rave Stereotypes

I attended a show recently down in America, and me being a Canadian this means I have to cross the border to get there.

Keep in mind, I do this drive quite frequently for shows and just in general to visit friends or go shopping.

I'm used to the 100,000 question drill, and I can understand it completely! The officers 9/10 times are just being diligent and doing their duties!

But this trip, I encountered more hassle and questioning/searching than I ever have.

This was all due to the misconceptions and stigmas that surround the idea of rave culture.

And I get it, i’m sure you have experienced something similar to this once or twice, but this experience really got me thinking!

I started to think about all the Stereotypes and wrongly based judgments about the rave community that really get on my nerves and shed a bad light on all of us as a whole.

I compiled together my top 5 that I hear WAAAYYYY to often, and I feel like a lot of you can relate so I thought to share! 

We’re going to kick this article off with what is to me, the biggest stereotype and what got me into questioning at the border in the first place.




WRONG!!! Yes. You will encounter people at shows who are under the influence of substances, and take them to enhance the experience of the show.

But no. Not everyone who goes to these shows and listens to EDM music partakes in the party favors.

Almost everyone I talk to about festivals has assumed that I do drugs when I attend these shows. Friends, coworkers, border guards you name it. I end up having to try and convince them for far too long that me and my friends do not.

We tend to all get grouped as a whole when it comes to topics like these, and it can be rather frustrating to me to be labeled and subjected to certain treatment just because of the type of music I enjoy.



Ladies, I think we are all too familiar with this one, which is beyond not okay in my books. There is such a stigma around the outfits we wear and how we “must only dress this way and go to these events to get a guy's attention”


This could not be more wrong. What we decide to put on our bodies does not in any way equal consent or that we even want anything from you in the first place. We wear these outfits to feel beautiful and confident in our own skin in a loving environment.

This concept isn't only for my girls out there, I hear this all the time about men as well. People think that a majority of men only attend raves to get laid and to hook up with the girls there.

Some of my best male friends, I've met through festivals at an event. They never approached me with anything but good hearts and good intentions.

To this day they remain close friends who have never wanted anything more from me.

This one bothers me a lot because people don't give us the time of day to see there's more going on in our heads then sexual endeavours and tight outfits.




….. I'm just going to start by saying if these people knew the amount that I budget and save months prior to these events to be able to afford tickets, hotels, flights, outfits etc, they would probably cry.

What these people don’t realize is most of us are doing this all ON TOP of our regular 9-5 jobs, plus time off and the everyday bills we need to pay.

It’s not one or the other, and we have to be smart with our money to be able to plan such frequent events.

It adds up quickly ladies and gentleman and travel ain’t cheap. We can party hard and still be quite successful at the same time.

I’ve met quite a few doctors, nurses, and professionals at raves before; you can have it all if you work hard!!

We aren’t just all glitter and sparkles we have a lot more going for us <3 



Yes that is an actual number someone tried to tell me, and asked me when I'm going to quit the rave scene. I swear I almost laugh out loud every time.

To me, raving is more than just a one night concert, it can be a full on lifestyle for us. I don't plan on quitting anytime soon. You can be 18-50 plus  in my opinion and still share the same values at these shows.

I have friends who get their parents to tag along to shows with them!! Age is just a number at the end of the day it doesn’t define your soul and spirit to live. That’s endless. 




Last but not least, this. THIS. Is so so common from people who don’t listen to electronic music.

I hear all the time how it’s just a combination of sounds and samples versus playing an instrument or making say rock music…..

PEOPLE the sounds and the beats all come from actual sounds and instruments. 

Most producers/Djs play and create their sounds and have live performances at their shows playing guitar, vocals or what not.

It takes just as much talent and needs to be recognized for what it is more in this industry. 


So now that you’ve heard mine, I’m curious what yours are. What are some more raver stereotypes you’ve heard of?

And if this article ends up on the screen of a non raver, I hope this cleared up maybe some misconceptions you have about our rave community  

Send me yours to my instagram @dinamo155 because I’d love to hear them. XOXO Clare.


About the author: Clare Nemec

Hey rave family, I’m Clare Nemec<3 I started raving when I was only 13 years old, and have been in love with it ever since! Just a Canadian Bass head with a passion for all things music and writing!

You can follow my journey on my instagram at:  if you see me at an event come say hi! <3


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