Female Empowerment In EDM Culture

Female Empowerment In EDM Culture

by: MiThalia


Women, we are creators, nurturers, lovers. We are fierce beings.

Women are powerful; we deserve to be seen, heard, given a chance to show just what we can do.

For so long, women have been put on the back burner; we have been degraded, belittled, disparaged, and devalued. We have been talked down to, told what we are and are not, what we are and are not able to do.

But that’s the thing about women, even when we are not treated equally, even when others try to keep us down, we rise. We prove our worth and we show that we are a force to be reckoned with.

Here in the EDM community, I believe that we do an amazing job representing women, empowering one another.

For a scene that used to be mainly run by males, women have done
tremendous work to show that we are here and we will be seen.

From the amount of female artists you see on festival lineups now, to women in the community running their own small businesses, even just us the fans, we all do our part to support each other and make sure each and everyone of us feels accepted.

A few years ago when you looked at a festival lineup, you would have to squint and read the teeny tiny print at the bottom to even possibly see a female name represented.

But today, there are so many female artists that are running the lineups, proving that they have the same abilities to put on an amazing show.

We have artists like Rezz, Alison Wonderland, Krewella, Tokimonsta, Whipped Cream, Level up, Vampa, and so many more.

Although an artist should not be judged by their gender (because music knows no gender, only creators), it still is a great sight to see when so many women are able to tear down these gender barriers and show what they can do.

Women can do anything that we set our minds to. Just like these small business owners who create our festival fits and glam.

There are brands such as Rave After Rave, whose owner Alyssa wants us to be able to freely express ourselves in unique ways.

Hissy Fit’s Danielle created her brand to separate from the masses and make something that is an exclusive style. Rolita Couture’s owner Rosa created a brand to make sure every woman who wears her brand feels comfortable in their own skin, regardless of age, shape, size, or color.

These amazing women, and countless others, have created brands that allow us to be free, to express who we truly are, and to be the badass women we are.

And with these styles that allow us to feel powerful and strong, allowing us women who are in the crowds to support these artists, small business owners and each other.

This is the first community that I have seen such a positive female role. We are constantly spreading love and positivity to one another.

Rarely, if ever, do I see females bringing each other down or being negative towards one another.

We have a freedom to express ourselves; our outfits show that it’s our body and our choice.

We show that we are stronger together and that together we can make anything happen.

I think it is an amazing thing when you are able to see a community of
women doing so well for themselves, for each other and for the world.

When you see the rave scene and the women who are a part of it, you see freedom, love, strength, community, and support.

We see female DJ’s representing us in the headlines, in how they are running their businesses.

No matter how the world may tear us women down, here in this community we stand together and we continuously rise.

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About the author: MiThalia

My name is MiThalia, I love raving and I love woman who empower woman. I believe we are a part of an amazing culture that allows us to express ourselves and spread the love to others. Hope to see y’all soon, you can always find me in the pit 💙💙


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