Painting Your Face To the Beat

Painting Your Face To the Beat

by: Brenda


The process of excitement for a rave starts with the preparation.

All the anticipation starts when you start looking for a new makeup look to stunt.

It can always be nerve-wracking to step out of your comfort zone but raves always welcome the unique characteristics everyone has to offer.

Here are some tips on finding your makeup looks for your next festival.

It's always best to have your outfit planned first, it gets you feeling a certain emotion and can even bring out a new character in you.

With the base of the colors in your outfit, you can start to gather ideas on how to stem off in your own creative ways.

For example, with this purple J. Valentine Just String Things Outfit, it'll be nice to start the base eyeshadow with light purple shadow then venture off into something trendy - like a pop of white liner!

To make the look complete, be adventurous and dive into the glittery world of face jewels.

One huge tip for face jewels is to see where your face moves and wrinkles, to prevent your jewels from going on solo adventures, you want to make sure you're avoiding big moving areas.

Another way to avoid your jewels from falling is to pull off the jewels from the liner and place them individually, or you can always snip the liner to allow more movement in your face.

Still feel like there is something missing and you want a more electric look to your lashes?

A great budget friendly tip is to use colored liners or mascara on top of your false lashes to get colored lashes.

Beauty brands like ColourPop, have a huge variety of colored mascaras to give your strip lashes a pop of color.

The final piece to complete your outfit is your fabulous hair, one great tip on styling your hair for an event is using accessories; hair clips, gems, and even simple braids can help elevate your look.

Click Here to see Rave Bae Couture's tutorial on how to do rave hair braids!

For a simple look, you can do a three strand braid and incorporate jewels, charms, etc, that compliment your look.

Another great last minute tip, is to wig it out.

Wigs give so much room for personalization without having to deal with the troubles of natural hair.

Plus, if you have rave baddies, why not twin with wigs?

Now that the excitement is setting in and festival season is around the corner, find creative ways to express yourself in your next festival.

To find the perfect outfit for your look make sure to check out the Rave Outfits here at Rave Bae Couture!  

You are the canvas and we all can't wait to see how you shine.

Rave hard, party safe, and have fun!


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