How To Style Yourself & Stay Comfortable At Raves!

How To Style Yourself & Stay Comfortable At Raves!

by: Molly Hannah


What are you passionate about? I had no idea I loved rave fashion as much as I do, until two years ago when I went to my first festival!

Getting dressed up at big festivals or dressing down at small local shows, I love switching up my style for every event!

I’m going to share with you how I style myself for raves that I attend!

My favorite genre of EDM music is dubstep, so you can find me at the bass stage most of the time! I always like to wear all black and have a more mysterious and dark vibe!

I have attended EDCO twice and to bigger events with more genres, I like to dress more bright and colorful!

I love tie dye and wearing pasties makes me feel more adventurous!

My current favorite fashion trend is reflective fashion! I have worn reflective outfits from iHeartRaves and RaveWonderland and have received so many compliments on my outfits! You will be lit up in the dark!

I highly recommend getting some reflective rave wear for this festival season!

I also really enjoy getting custom pieces made! My favorite artists is Odesza so I got a custom Odesza crop top made!

I’ve also had custom Excision and Bassnectar face masks made! It’s a fun way to shout-out your favorite musicians!

My biggest fashion tip would be to choose comfort over anything else!

From my own experiences if a piece of your outfit is itchy or uncomfortable, it is so distracting and it makes you focus on what’s bothering you instead of being in the moment!

I absolutely love wearing big oversized t shirts and then dressing it up with sexy fishnets! I am also so comfortable!

Always remember that the most important thing is to be yourself and wear whatever makes you feel confident!

Wearing rave clothes and styling my outfits is such a fun and creative outlet for myself. I hope you find your own unique style!

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Author: Molly Hannah - @mollyedm



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