Rave Essentials You Didn't Know You Needed

Rave Essentials You Didn't Know You Needed

by: Lilian Chang


If you’ve been to a music festival, at some point, you probably searched up “what to bring to a music festival” or “rave essentials”.

Now that you have built your personal rave essentials and survival kit, check out these rave and music festival essentials that you can add to your list of must-brings to any festival!


Fan holster

Calling all the fan-clackers (and fanners)! If you love your fan but don’t want to hold it all day or night, this fan holster is made for you. Slip your fan in and out into your holster whenever you want to clack to the beat or just for a quick breeze!

Wrapped around your hip or thigh, not only is it a great accessory but helps keep one less thing in your hand.



Anti-theft Tether

Not only is stealing and pick-pocketing ignorant, its so not PLUR. But protect your phone with an anti-theft tether!

Attach your phone, keys or any thing you want to make sure is protected to your fanny pack, hydro-pack or belt loop to ensure your personal belongings is stuck with you ALL day and night!



Zipper Scrunchie

Stylish and functional! A zipper scrunchie is a great way to hold little items for easy access.

Save your space in your fanny pack or hydro-pack and avoid having to dig deep to find your smaller items!



Foldable Pocket Chair

Yes, we all know music festivals are tiring. But sneak in a quick rest between sets with a foldable pocket chair!

Carry it around easily with you to rest your dancing feet and aching back.



Portable fan, phone charger and flashlight

We all aim to carry light, and now you can with a 3-in-1 portable flashlight, phone charger and fan!

Slip this into any festival bag and be able to cool down from that hot festival sun, charge your phone to capture more memories and see in the dark.



These extras can not only enhance your rave experience, but ensure you are safe and stress-free.

Try out these amazing music festival essentials to make your rave experience better!

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About the author: Lilian Chang

Hello! My name is Lilian and I am from Toronto, Canada. Raving and going to music festivals has taken over my life in the past couple years and I do not regret a single moment.

Making kandi and creating special moments with friends are my favorite rave memories, especially meeting new ravers around the
 world! Catch me at the bass stage breaking my neck or shuffling at the house tent.

Follow my rave and PLUR moments through my IG: @lilianchangz


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