Rave Babes Rule the World

Rave Babes Rule the World

by: Catherine Nguyen


Girls have it rough. Since the beginning of time, women have been warriors. From battling for our rights to battling stereotypes, women have truly fought against the world, all around the world, to be seen as strong equal contributors.

Unfortunately, girls can also pin themselves against each other. From a young age, girls are exposed to rhetoric that focuses on determining who around them is prettier, who is better, and who is smarter.

In a hyper-focused Instagram culture, it’s hard not to feel insignificant in a sea of beautiful faces. However, this changes when you enter the gates of a festival. Adventuring to festivals has personally changed my life by introducing me to the empowering feeling of being a woman who supports other women.

The creativity is endless, the colors are blinding, and the skin is SHOWING – and no one judges you for it. It’s a feeling of relief and excitement to be able to fully express your soul freely and without any worries for the duration in which you are dancing and living your best life.

The feeling of being celebrated when a random girl stops you to tell you that you look fierce and amazing is liberating. Most importantly, it sparks a passion to continue to pay it forward.

While receiving a compliment on your festival outfits sends you on Cloud Nine, the experience is amplified when you are able to bring up other girls around you.

Complimenting other girls on their creativity and boldness creates an environment that feels safe and fun – the definition of good vibes all around. One of the best takeaways is that this can lead to the most unexpected lifelong friendships, all around the world.

In the current digital age, it is easier than ever to support a friend who might live 10 hours away, but feels like they’re right beside you with every shared photos and emoji filled Instagram comment.

I cannot list all of the amazing people I have personally met, and still keep in contact with to this day. I feel genuine excitement and sincere support for these Rave Babes that conquer the rave scene AND everyday life.

Rave Babes are the most badass because no one can party for 8+ hours fueled by just chicken strips and water.

Raving helped me understand that supporting your female counterparts does not have to only exist during festivals. I find myself taking opportunities in everyday life to recognize the women around me. This strengthens us as a whole and will only continue to perpetuate love, peace, and harmony.


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About the author: Catherine Nguyen

I'm a Canadian girl from Toronto who has a passion for festival fashion and food (all my friends call me Foodgirl). My favourite thing to do at raves is to connect with other girls and have a great time discussing our cultures and Instagram!
My Instagram is www.instagram.com/catherining - follow along for festival and travel adventures (next is Electric Zoo 🦓🦚🦛)


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