PLUR Soul Radio

PLUR Soul Radio

by: Phillip Scruggs


Calling all freaks, weirdos, misfits and free spirits alike!

PLUR Soul Radio invites you to catch this high vibe!

Founded by up and coming Phoenix Arizona based Hip Hop/performing artist Wyld Tha Bard, PLUR Soul Radio aims to unite artists and creatives of all types.

The show originally started during the summer of 2020 as a local South Phoenix radio show that aired on

The original intention was to share groovy festival style music on air, that provided the local community with a wide variety of different styles and genres, while also spreading an uplifting and empowering message of peace, love , unity and respect for all.

The show has since then grown to be an unofficial music collective that serves to assist in shedding light onto fresh new up and coming artists from all around the world and of all genres.

Here at PLUR Soul Radio we really are all about cultivating that festival type of vibe that we all miss right about now!

The show stands for a larger movement, in which every individual is encouraged to be the freest and most authentic version of themselves.

Through sharing such an abundance of hip new music, we aim to cultivate a growing sense of community in which creatives and artists are free to connect and share their gifts freely and unapologetically with one another.

We believe that the best way to combat negativity and toxic behavior is by every human-being activating their inherent creative potential!

By doing this we ignite a tidal wave of unconditional love and creativity that serve as being the foundations for building a new and freer reality for all.

We believe that by everyone having the liberty to create from their hearts, a new reality can be manifested in which all voices, beliefs and opinions are valued and cherished.

We all hail from various walks of life, yet through the vibrations and riddims of the music, we manage to come together and heal as a community through the raw transmutation of energy that is felt in them music.

By doing this we pay homage to our primitive ancestors who used to gather around the fireside in ancient times to play music and tell stories.

We are reconnecting with the power that has always been found in music and tapping into the conscious ability of sound and vibration to heal and transform our own selves into the highest and best divine versions.

All in all, PLUR Soul Radio is a celebration of life, honoring each sacred individual human experience.

So come and join the fun! Catch us on every Wednesday from 10 am to12pm Arizona time.

We are always looking for new artists to send radio edit songs and/or DJ mixes!

So with no further ado, thank you for being you!

Now let’s connect and create together as we manifest a reality beyond our wildest dreams!

Stay up, stay you!


About the author: Phillip Scruggs

Phillip Scruggs, stage name Wyld Tha Bard, hails originally from the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia. He now is based in Phoenix, Arizona where he founded and hosts PLUR Soul Radio along with being an up and coming indie Hip Hop performing artist, vocalist and street freestyle dancer.
He is currently working on fresh new music and creative content  to be released later this year and is also using his radio platform to create an unofficial music collective to help promote and uplift other up and coming artists of varying genres. 
Socials: IG @wyldagape, @plursoulradio
SoundCloud: Wyldthabardofficial 


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