Plur Baby

Plur Baby

by: Paola Prado


Who doesn’t love to feel free and comfortable in their own skin!

I absolutely love being free and confident at a rave/festivals, dancing singing loud with the crowd, head banging and just feeling united with all the beautiful people around me. It’s the best feeling in the world honestly.

It wasn’t this easy for me at the beginning. It took time to understand that it is okay to love yourself and not to worry about what others think about you. To feel comfortable in your own skin was such a personal accomplishment I believe everyone should experience.

Raving gave me that confidence believing it or not. Going to these festivals and raves opened my eyes to see my own truth in myself. The music made me feel like I was in a different universe and made it feel like it was listening to my soul .

The beautiful people dancing gazing at the light shows seeing the lights reflect form their dilated eyes was just so comforting to me.

The girls I meant were so kind, encouraging and made me feel like I was finally accepted for being myself ! All the loud colors around me just made it home for me. I fell IN LOVE!

Not only with myself but with the community who was all different but at the same time we all what I felt like, shared the same heart. 

Raving helped me to figure out who I am and who I want to be! It changed me to be a kind loving respectful human. I learned through raving not only to stay hydrated because duh festivals and raves go hard, but to accept myself and most importantly to accept all!

The whole acronym P.L.U.R. Is definitely a life motto I live by and suggest for everyone. You can’t go wrong with Peace Love Unity & Respect!


About the author: Paola Prado


I’m 21 from the big beautiful Texas state 

I love making kandi and trading it’s such a soulful feeling ❤️ I also love to paint. I’m a very go with the flow kind of girl and if ya ever feel down I’m your number one hype girl I love hyping others up! 

My Instagram is: lalaprado_

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  • Alexandria : September 19, 2019
    Author image

    Totally agree! Festivals and raves just change the way you think and feel about the world! It opens up a whole new mindset that you were unavailable to! Xoxo

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