Confidence In Pasties

Confidence In Pasties

by: Maddie

The age old assumption that girls just want to have fun reigns true, because we do, especially with what we wear.

With so many different styles to try, rave fashion is a fun tool for self expression. In my time raving, I have loved adding new designs to my wardrobe.

When I first started going to festivals, I wore cut off shorts and a crop top.

But as I went to events, I would see girls in really amazing, outgoing outfits, and I found myself more drawn to these fashion statements. 

In trying mini skirts, bodysuits, leg wraps, platform shoes, corsets, and more, what I found to be one of my favorite looks was pasties.

I was surprised to find myself loving pasties as much as I do. I was shy about the idea at first because I am a curvier girl with a larger chest.

I see lots of tiny girls rock this look, so I figured why not give it a go. I found that not only was it a confidence booster, but also extremely comfortable!

Wearing pasties opened up my options for tops beyond the bra or bikini top look.

Sheer bodysuits, full body fishnet stockings, chain tops, and harnesses have become some of my favorite ways to accessorize my pasties.

My favorite brand of pasties is from Little Black Diamond. Their pasties stay on for over twenty-four hours for me usually, and they stay on in the water!

The downside is these adorable pasties are one use only. If you are in the market for a reusable pasty, then @MoonWardDreams on Instagram has beautiful, handmade, reusable pasties.

If you have not tried pasties, and are considering, I highly recommend. 

About the author: Maddie
I've been in the rave scene since 2014. I love to make kandi trades and wear my cuff belt. I am a flow artist in gloves and poi. When I'm not at the party, I enjoy being in nature, poetry, and watercoloring. 


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