My First Rave Experience

My First Rave Experience

By: Alejandra Tobar


I was always interested in going to raves, they looked so fun and exciting.

However, at the time, I never really had any friends that were into EDM or that kind of scene so I was left to watch videos of festivals wishing I could be there.

My first impression of EDM and EDM festivals was that they were just 2 or three days full of partying and exploring new music. That it was just like any other kind of music festival/concert but little did i know it was so much more than that.

Then about three years ago I met my amazing boyfriend. He introduced me to the world of EDM and showed me all his favourite artists and it slowly got me into listening to it more and more.

In August of 2019 I had the privilege of going to my first EDM festival, which was IleSoniq in Montreal, Canada. I was so excited as I would finally get to experience a rave which I’ve been wanting for so long.

I planned out my outfits (I did the best I could), got my festival playlist ready and prepared to have a fun weekend. Little did I know this would be one of the best weekends of my life.

We got to Montreal the day before the festival and checked into our hostel. There we became friends with our amazing roommates all the way from Mexico.

As someone who speaks both Spanish and English it was a great way to make the connection with them and we still talk to this day. The first day of the festival I fell in love with the atmosphere.

The energy was amazing and I was so excited to explore the different stages and genres of EDM.

I got to see so many artists that first day like Alan Walker, Gryffin, Oliver Heldens and a load of others. I even had the opportunity to see Bad Bunny in concert which allowed me to meet so many people from different Latino backgrounds, even finding people who came from the same country as I did.

That moment was so special as I got to connect with my culture and experience my first even Latino concert.

However, the second and last night of the festival is one I’ll never forget. The vibe was just as amazing as the first day , and I got to experience so many talented DJ’s.

However as the night came down on us and Alesso started playing the whole vibe just changed. I felt so connected to everyone and everything.

The music, the people, the atmosphere, everything just came together. I made so many bonds that night and even had my first PLUR experience which felt so amazing.

Running through the lights, going from stage to stage, just enjoying the moment and the experience is something that truly changed the way I saw EDM and the raving experience.

We got to close off the night with Seven Lions and an amazing finally by Above and Beyond with a firework finish.

I am forever grateful for that experience and have become obsessed with raving. I never want to stop meeting new people, feeling that love and connectedness and creating memories that’ll definitely last me a lifetime.

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About the author: Alejandra Tobar

My name is Alejandra and I’m from Toronto, Canada. A couple of my favourite EDM artists are Seven Lions, Excision, Martin Garrix, Wooli, Gareth Emery and  Alesso but I love a lot more. I am very new to the whole rave scene  and I really hope to explore more festivals in the upcoming year and in the future! 
Instagram: @aletoblerone2098


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