My Favorite Rave Makeup Products

My Favorite Rave Makeup Products

by: Koretha

The day will soon come.

Yes, I’m talking about the long awaited rave day!

Festivals and raves are on a pause at the moment, but that doesn’t mean our creativity has to be.

There’s many groups online that host themed makeup challenges every week to get the community inspired to create again.

This is a great way to make friends online and have fun making new looks!

1. Primer/ setting spray

First things first when it comes to makeup a good primer/setting spray can really help set your look for the night and ultimately make it look good longer.

Urban decay is known for having temperature setting makeup spray to make it last through even the hard hours of raving.

2. Colored eyeshadow palette

A great way to tie in your outfit together is by throwing in a colored eyeshadow look!

Colourpop is a great starter palette because it’s super affordable and they have a large range of colors to choose from.

The colors are also vibrant and super blendable.

Other colored popular palette’s include Juvia’s Place, James Charles, BH cosmetics, and Jeffree Star, are just a few to name.

(BH Cosmetics- Take Me Back to Brazil eyeshadow palette)

3. Stila liquid eyeshadow

This product is super easy to apply even for beginners and has a large range of fun colors to choose from.

TJ Max and Marshalls often have them on sale for roughly $8 which is a steal for how easy it applies on. 

                                           (Stila over eyeshadow)

4. Good glitters

Be careful when choosing loose glitters, not all glitters are cosmetic grade, meaning they can be sharp and made from toxic chemicals not safe for the face/body.

I learned the hard way when my friend gave me glitter that stained my body for days after a festival, for a couple bucks in difference it wasn’t worth it.

One of my favorite ways to apply glitter is by using aloe vera, it doesn't dry sticky and tends to be a lot easier to remove than glitter glue.

                                  (theglittertwins- glitter discontinued :C )

5. White liquid eyeliner

Black liquid eyeliner is a staple, but contrasting colors can be fun as well. White eyeliner can act as an accent from little dots to lines.

You can even replace the black eyeliner with white to make your eyes pop out more.

6. MakeUp Eraser

Technically this isn’t considered makeup, but it takes makeup off and works like a charm. Not only is it super sustainable and lasts 3-5 years, but it’s super gentle on the face.

I feel like it does a better job of taking off even lipstick stains than regular makeup wipes.

                                      (MakeUp Eraser- in size mini and regular)

These are my go-to's when it comes to doing rave makeup. Even with the few products, the possibilities are endless.

Hope some of these products are a gamer changer and happy experimenting!!!


About the author: Koretha

Hi I'm Koretha and I was introduced to the rave scene in 2016 and fell in love with the community instantly. I hope to share the vision of plur with fellow ravers both new and old to the scene. Don't be afraid to say hi if you ever spot me or on instagram! @koretha      


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