My Favorite Rave Accessories

My Favorite Rave Accessories

by: Koretha


Accessories are the perfect way to spice up an outfit!

I find accessorizing can make any outfit feel more complete and personalized by how we choose to style our fits. Down below are some of my favorite accessories to wear to an event. 

1. Kritterklips

It’s no secret my favorite go-to accessories are Kritterklips! There’s so many fun colors to easily match with any fit, simple or glamorous.

They are headbang proof and can be extra secured with bobby pins.

Since they are clip ons instead of a headband I hardly notice them on me since they are so lightweight. I love pairing kritter klips with colored braids!

2. Clip-in Braids

Sometimes wigs can be a hassle and get really sweaty when worn for longer events.

Clip in colored braids/extensions are a fun way to bring a pop of color in your hair without it being super heavy on your head.

The nice thing about braids is that it won’t tangle as much as wigs since the hair is already braided and secured.

3. Leg Wraps

Can be worn as one or in a pair, to the knee or to the ankle. My favorite way to wear them is to do a different color on each leg.

Having only one is also cute if you’re going for the asymmetric look. If leg wraps are too much of a hassle leg garters are another cute leg accessory.

Match your leg wraps with a body harness for the ultimate strappy look.

4. Body Harness

I love to wear these under my bodysuits or tops that are really exposed to make it look like an extension of what I am wearing, but amplified.

5. Face Gems

One of my favorite grab and go accessories.

Most of them have an adhesive on the back so all you gotta do is peel and stick! If you’re worried about sweating it off eyelash or glitter glue will do the trick.

Bonus it’s easier to clean off than glitter and you won’t find it everywhere for the next week.

6. Face Masks

Since masks have been the norm since covid has happened, I’m sure most of us have a collection of masks to choose from.

It is also a great way to multi-use them from necessity to accessory.

7. Chokers

We are bringing back the 90’s fashion with chokers!

These bold statement pieces are making a comeback even though they are a minor detail to the outfit. They also make for a great necklace stack.

8. Shades

Tiny glasses, shades, sunglasses, take your pick with whatever fits your vibe or the weather that day.

As many accessories as I have brought to an event, shades are always the first to go and always the accessory I find on the ground the most.

9. Spirithoods/Animal Hoods

A perfect winter accessory to keep your warm and looking cute. It’s super versatile being a hood, pillow, shawl, and also has pockets!

For those who love to heighten their senses at an event these are the perfect feelers to keep you cozy and cute.

There’s so many ways to style an outfit and no wrong ways either!


The best part of dressing up is being creative and expressing ourselves while having fun.

Share how you accessorize your outfits with us @ravebaecouture on Instagram. We would love to see everyone’s creative ideas!


About the author: Koretha

Hi I'm Koretha and I was introduced to the rave scene in 2016 and fell in love with the community instantly. I hope to share the vision of plur with fellow ravers both new and old to the scene. Don't be afraid to say hi if you ever spot me or on instagram! @koretha


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