Must-Read Festival Camping Tips

Must-Read Festival Camping Tips

by: Jasmine Lily


Festival season is creeping upon us and if you’re anything like me, you’re PSYCHED!

In my experience, half the experience along with the show itself is camping.
Though some may opt for a hotel experience for a festival, camping will always reign superior, in my opinion.

For a festival experience like my favorite, Bass Canyon, you will make some of your best memories and create awesome relationships even within just the campsite.

But this magical encounter isn’t for the weak... Camping out for a festival takes preparation, grit, and a lot of water and some glitter.

Lucky for you, I’ve been to a festival or two and am somewhat of an aficionado in prepping.

Heres some essentials for your next (or even first) camping festival experience!


1. LOTS of electrolytes!

You want to keep yourself not only hydrated but FULL of electrolytes your entire festival experience.

A great way to keep your electrolyte intake high is beverages like Gatorade, Pedialyte and even drink mixes like Liquid I.V.’s hydration multiplier.


2. Mylar Thermal Blankets!

Summer festivals are notorious for drastic heat changes throughout sunrise and sunset.

For those late-night walks back to camp, you don’t want to freeze your fanny pack off! A mylar thermal blanket is SUPER portable and perfect to have tightly folded up with the rest of your belongings.

Not to mention they are lightweight and won’t be a hassle to walk with.


3. Full-length body mirrors!

Though you may feel like you’re roughing it a bit with your temporary ‘outside’ home, your glam shouldn’t have to suffer!

Applying glitter, gems, etc is hard enough as it is and even harder without proper viewing.

A full-length mirror is perfect for getting up close and personal with yourself and whatever face look you want to achieve.

Not to mention, a full-body mirror will give you FLAWLESS fit pics!


4. Portable stove!

These simple 1-2 burner stoves are literally LIFESAVERS! When it comes to camping food, variety is... questionable, but to expand your horizons, a portable stove is a must!

Bringing out of these, along with the proper pots and utensils, you’re opening up a
whole world of meals!

Including, but not limited too, hot dogs, mac and cheese, soup, ramen, and MORE!

5. Pop-Up Canopy!

When I say it gets HOT during the days in that direct sunlight... I MEAN IT! Do not
underestimate the sun’s power! The best way to keep your campsite cool is a pop-up canopy.

In between adventures and even when you just need some chill time, lounging under a canopy will keep you from burning up completely in that heat.

So, next time you full send it to a festival, make sure you are prepared!

Do research on your climate to ensure your needs are met, secure your spot and make sure to bring these 5 essentials to make your experience as comfortable and awesome as possible!

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About the author: Jasmine Lily

Jasmine is a artist and photographer in the Pacific Northwest. Her passions also include edm music, festivals & shows! She is proud of the rave community for their acceptance and love.


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