Magic within a Music Genre

Magic within a Music Genre

by: Brittany Brown


EDM : 

/ˈkaptəˌvādiNG/ /ˈmajik/

--an outlet of self-expression and exalted passion.  


There is something especially captivating about the EDM lifestyle. Anyone who has been blessed to be a part of this culture understands the allure to it. 

But what is it exactly that creates this enchanting musical ambiance? 

The entire genre has completely changed the direction of influential artistry and fandom, worldwide. I personally believe we owe this change to the purity of the art, the heart and soul of the artists, and the fans who believe in them.

Ultimately, everyone in this lifestyle understands the powerhouse duo of raw self-expression and exalted passion; the pure and captivating magic of EDM music.

We live in a world that seems to lack real emotion. Modern society has brainwashed humans to believe life is but a mundane hamster wheel. In this world we are told to have a stiff timeline of predetermined events.

This leaves little room for our exploratory self-expression, emotion, or any kind of deviation from ‘the plan’. Thankfully, EDM has created an atmosphere for people to unite.

We can take a step out of reality and into a music realm of peace, love, unity, and respect.

These concerts and festivals have served as a refuge to ravers, a release from their consuming outer world tensions.

Self-expression and passion have both become a staple to the EDM lifestyle for everyone alike.

In this genre, e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e has the freedom to explore their individuality.

Whether you express yourself through the music, rave clothing, light show talents, totems, or the art of shuffling, (or perhaps all the above) EDM thankfully has something for us all.


In this lifestyle we have the welcoming ability to release our emotions through which ever avenue of EDM we explore! Excision’s Lost Land’s bass or a passionate set at EDC?

The variety of this genre makes it impossible to not feel unified as one.


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About the author: Brittany Brown

My name is Brittany Brown and I live in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I am an employee of Western Kentucky University. I graduated with a bachelor’s in creative writing and history.

I have an avid passion for music, traveling, and beach life. Lastly, in true redneck-KY form, I hand fish (better known as noodling) and it is as insane as you imagine it to be.

Instagram: @bizzzzyyy Twitter: @bizzzzyy


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