Long Live Dubstep

Long Live Dubstep

by: Molly Hannah


There are so many different genres of electronic dance music.

I prefer dubstep and riddim, but there are so many more!

Some genres are: house, techno, trap, trance, and hardstyle, just to name a few!

There are music festivals just for specific edm genres you can go to as well! I invite you to listen to all types of EDM music and see which genre you resonate with the most!

You might be pleasantly surprised!

There are so many reasons why I prefer to listen to dubstep.

The main reason is because I love bass music and head banging! I love to ride the rail and headbang all night long!

I love the hard build ups and heavy drops in dubstep and riddim that you don’t find in all electronic music!

If you love mosh pits, you will definitely run into some at bass shows!

They can be pretty intense but so much fun as well!

Bassheads are a great group of fans to become involved with!

They are so nice and welcoming! Bass music can be hard and fast, or mellow and slow!

There are so many sub genres in dubstep! There is filthstep, wobblestep, and drum and bass to name a few!

I love so many dubstep artists, but my top favorites male artists are:

  • Excision,
  • Subtronics
  • and SNAILS!

My favorite female artists are:

  • REZZ
  • Lucii
  • and Whipped Cream!

If you love dubstep I would highly recommend going to Lost Lands, Forbidden Kingdom, or Bass Canyon!

All three festivals are put on by none other than the king of dubstep himself, Excision!

They play nothing but bass music for three or even four days! It’s a dubstep paradise!

No matter which genre of EDM music you listen to, it’s the beauty of music brings everyone together!

That’s what I love most about electronic dance music! Music unites us all!

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About the author: Molly Hannah

Hey! I’m Molly Hannah, aka @mollyedm. I have been raving for two and a half years and I love dubstep and riddim! You can always find me at the bass stage!


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