Keep The Rave Alive!

Keep The Rave Alive!

by: Clare Nemec



Are you all missing each other and raving as much as I'm missing it?

Well if you are, and the thought of not being able to rage is getting to you, here’s how I've been getting through the days and passing the time keeping my rave spirit alive <3

Our community is one of the strongest and most supportive groups of people I have ever been privileged to be a part of and we are all going above and beyond to keep our hopes high and the bass low ;) 

Times are tough right now, and my heart and best wishes go out to all of you, but I know we will all make it through this together and be dancing in no time.

But until then please stay home and do your part so we can get back to what we love as soon as possible!

Below are a few tips and tricks for how I'm staying connected to the rave community from home.

1. Do some at home photo shoots!

One of my favourite parts of raving is the fact I get to express myself in a way I don't normally get to in everyday life.

I live for getting all dressed up and throwing some glitter on!

That doesn't need to stop! Throw on your favourite look, take some self timer photos in your house and get that Instagram content flowing <3 

It can be a lot of fun and honestly such a mood booster to be able to get yourself all glamoured up and sing along to your favourite EDM tracks <3

You can even mix and match and start planning out future festival looks for your upcoming shows!

2. Make kandi… Obviously :P

As simplistic as this suggestion is, oh my gosh has it been my favourite past times lately.

I stocked up on beads and have been making intricate bracelets and cuffs so i can trade with all you lovely humans at my first rave back <3

Even though i cant give them out now it makes me feel connected to the rave community, knowing that someday, hopefully sooner than later these bracelets will all go to new homes and new people <3

And if you're anything like me it's a huge calming device when my anxiety gets high, taking my mind off things and occupying my thoughts instead.

It almost feels like I'm getting ready for festival season being just around the corner.

3. Watch the live streams and have an at home rave!

We are honestly so blessed by how many live streams and dj sets being released almost every weekend for us to watch.

At home raving is the next best thing. Jump on FaceTime with your friends, set up your computer for whatever live stream you want, and dance the night away from the comfort of your own home!

Once you see how many people are tuning in and doing the exact same thing from their house it makes it all the more better. I mean cmon who doesn't love new music <3

@queen_sarlotka, @dinamo155,@rachellrose,@daisy_dewdrops, @mikaylaen, @tessla_venus, @tinydancer_88

@queen_sarlotka, @dinamo155,@rachellrose,@daisy_dewdrops, @mikaylaen, @tessla_venus, @tinydancer_88

4. Reach out to your rave family 

To conclude this in all seriousness, I know we are all going through tough times right now.

This is when we need to lean on each other the most for support, for good vibes, and for all around love and hope to get us by. Please make sure you're checking in on your loved ones and rave family.

I know personally a lot of my rave fam lives in a different country, miles and miles away from me and FaceTime has been a huge saviour in staying connected with each other and checking in.

Even a 5 minute call can brighten someone's day! We can't physically see eachother but that doesnt mean the love isnt still there .

P.S Luckily for us the rave community has our backs at all times! incase you didn't see these are some of the rescheduled dates as of right now so we don't miss out on any events <3 make sure to keep checking on all new updates as things seem to be changing daily.

I hope to see you all at one of these! i know i can't wait to get back to raving and I hope to see you all at one of these xoxo

  1. BEYOND WONDERLAND: moved to June 19-20 2020
  2. EDC LAS VEGAS: moved to October 2-4 2020
  3. UBBI GETS FREAKY: moved to October 30-31 2020
  4. BASS CANYON (August 28-30 2020) and LOST LANDS (September 25-27 2020) are still currently a go on the same dates!

For whatever festival you're planning outfits for make sure to check out the cute stuff here at Rave Bae Couture! 💚 


About the author: Clare Nemec

Hey rave family, I’m Clare Nemec<3 I started raving when I was only 13 years old, and have been in love with it ever since! Just a Canadian Bass head with a passion for all things music and writing!

You can follow my journey on my instagram at:  if you see me at an event come say hi! <3


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