Memoirs of a Kandi Queen

Memoirs of a Kandi Queen

by: Jona


When I get asked how long I have been raving, the answer that I give to others is not a traditional one.

Although my love for bass and dubstep started in the 6th grade, I did not start full on raving until this year at the age of 25.

In a way, I felt like I had a late introduction into PLUR culture, but I am very grateful for the friends that I have met in just a short time period.

I can honestly say my experiences that I have made and the friends that I met on this journey saved my life.

Living with crippling anxiety and depression for so long has always felt unbearable.

I have always had such a large heart, but wanted to share it with others who had a heart the size of mine. 

I thought that I wouldn’t find people who truly liked me for what was

That was until I met Luna. I first met her the night I saw Adventure Club for the very first time, but since then we have been inseparable.

She truly is an angel, and she is the person who introduced me to PLUR culture.

She taught me that PLUR is still alive, and there is a world of heartfelt people put there who live for making amazing memories with others.

I learned how to make my first kandi bracelets with her, and since then I feel like I have been unstoppable!

What was once only an arm of single bracelets have blossomed into a wide array of cuffs and perlers, pieces that I have poured my soul into with the hope and excitement of giving it to another raver at any show or festival I go to.

I found that I have a passion for sharing with others and making their day brighter by giving them little pieces of my soul.

There is so much love in PLUR culture, and I honestly believed that it saved me from a dark place that I had been in for a very long time.

As Luna and I gear up for our next giant fest in September, Imagine Music Festival, we have found ourselves in Kandi making overload mode.

Any mermaid or aquatic charms or beads we see automatically get put in our shopping cart.

We have hopes of going to Georgia and leaving pieces of our souls there through our Kandi and through her clothing designs that she is planning to debut.

I have no doubt that our kandi and her fashion pieces will shine as bright as the ocean and serve as a beacon of hope for the amazing souls we will meet at the fest that honors the wonders of the sea.

About the Author: Jona

Hey there! My name is Jona. I am a 25-year-old grad student at Texas State University receiving Masters degree in Legal Studies. You can call me your local law rave bae! ❤️ I hope to become an attorney in the area of social work in the future and represent children in foster care as an Ad Litem. Follow Luna and I on IG: @angelbabyluna_ and @jona.angela


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