Interview With A Rave Babe

Interview With A Rave Babe

Today we're blessed to explore the mind of a lovely rave babe and one of our brand ambassadors, the beautiful Clare Nemec! She is a past contributor to our blog and is passionate about all things raves. 

To get to know her a little better, we asked Clare some questions about her raving experience and for some advice to people going to a music festival for the first time.

How long have you been raving for and what was your first festival experience?

Clare: The first rave I ever attended was when I was 14.. young I know right? Looking back 6/7 years ago now it seems crazy to see how far I’ve come in the rave community, For all of you OG ravers it was a da tweekaz show and I didn’t know when I bought that ticket how much it would change my whole life forever and for the better.


What do you think makes raves/music festivals so special?

Clare: The most important part of raving to me is the sense of community. People come from all different worlds and backgrounds and every day life, to join together and form a bond for the night. No where else in today’s society can you express yourself so freely without judgment and feel like you belong. And I think that’s what draws so many people in about them is the fact you really feel at home when you go through those doors.


What's your favorite part about going to a festival?

Clare: Oh my I don’t think I could pick just one thing. The music, the dancing, the outfits, the friends!!! Everything about it mixed together is what makes it so enjoyable. It gives you a sense of freedom like no where else.


How does rocking Rave Bae Couture and other amazing rave wear at festivals make you feel?

Clare: BEAUTIFUL. it makes me feel stunning from the inside out because I get to be who I am and dress up in fun colors and pretty sparkles. It gives you a sense of individuality that you can’t always necessarily wear in everyday life at the work place. You can dress up, dress down, whatever makes you comfortable. And you'll look like a queen doing it.


What advice do you have for anyone attending a festival for the first time?

Clare: Be you. And people will love you for that. If you are ever afraid to be who you are and to let loose and be silly… I promise all that is about to change. We celebrate people’s differences and uniqueness and value the fact that no one is the same. Why would you want to blend in when you can stand out? Let those colours shine love!!! Dance how you wanna dance, sing at the top of your lungs and just simply enjoy yourself <3


Awesome! Well thank you so much for your time Clare and ladies be sure to follow her on Instagram! @dinamo155


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