How To Put Together Your Dream Rave Outfit

How To Put Together Your Dream Rave Outfit

By Madz Wanderz


Let’s face it, we all want to look our absolute best at raves and festivals.

Feeling confident in your looks unlocks a whole new level of power and happiness.

But piecing together a cohesive outfit can be difficult. Often, we don’t even know where to begin.

This article breaks down the five main steps in designing an outfit that will have you looking and feeling your best!

1. Choosing a Theme

The first step is to choose the theme of your outfit. This may be something like cottagecore, vintage, Burning Man, grunge, beachy, celestial - the list is endless.

Consider basing your outfit on the theme of the event you are attending, for example, is the event a dark underground rave, or a relaxed daytime festival?

Sticking to a theme will make your overall outfit appear more cohesive.

2. Choosing a Colour Palette

Choose a colour palette to accompany your chosen outfit style.

It may be a single colour like blue, or it could be two main colours such as black with accents of neon pink.

You could even choose a range of colours, such as pastels or my personal favourite - bright rainbow.

Having a specific colour palette in mind will make it a lot easier to find clothing items.

3. Starting with a Base Outfit

The secret of this step is to start out simple.

Choose a one-piece or a top and bottom piece that fit your theme and colour palette. And don’t forget the shoes!

People commonly think that your base clothing will define your entire look, but this is not true.

Don’t be worried if your base outfit looks simple. Choose something that you feel comfortable in and then go from there.

The magic comes in the next step!

4. Add Layers

This is the step that will bring together your outfit.

Any base clothing can be completely transformed when layers and accessories are added.

Think about adding a jacket or sleeves, or a hat or leg wraps. Body chains, harnesses, necklaces, bracelets and glasses all add depth to an outfit.

The possibilities are endless.

Keep your colour palette and overall outfit theme in mind and add as many layers and accessories as possible!

I have found that the rave outfits with lots of attention to little details are always the most successful.

5. Finishing Touches

Now that your outfit has taken shape, it is time to think about the finishing touches you will add on the day you wear it.

I usually research makeup looks in my chosen colour palette and hairstyles that will compliment it.

Colourful braids, rhinestones, face jewels and body glitter are awesome extras if you want to add some last minute flair.


At the end of the day, rave outfits are all about expressing yourself.

Never be afraid to stand out and go overboard, or try something you have never tried before.

Wear your outfit with confidence and I guarantee your beauty will shine through.

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About the Author: Madz Wanderz

Hey fellow ravers! My name is Madz, (@madzwanderz on Instagram). While I’m still relatively new to the rave scene, I can honestly say I have found my calling. I spend my time travelling around my beautiful country, New Zealand, and of course attending every festival and rave I can!

Unfortunately, dressing up in crazy outfits for festivals is not really a big thing in New Zealand. I’m hoping to change that by wearing my biggest, brightest outfits to every event and inspiring people to express themselves.

Please feel free to reach out to me on Instagram for any festival advice, inspo, or if you just want another rave-lover to chat to! Can’t wait to see you all on the dance floor real soon!


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    Great article, well written, very unique writing. Love the neon colors, very cute.

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    Absolutely love this ❤️❤️

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