How to Accessorize Your Rave Bae Couture Looks

How to Accessorize Your Rave Bae Couture Looks

by: Selina


Dancing Addiction Outfit

I love incorporating butterflies and earthy vibes with my festival fashion, especially if I’ll be dancing in the forest.

The Dancing Addiction Outfit (in Lavender) would be perfect for this look! I would add Ivy Vine leg wraps along with floral earrings and butterfly rings to capture this whimsical vision.

I always have fun with sunglasses and my dragonfly pair would tie this outfit together best. I also try to add lights to my looks whenever possible.

Wearing a LED floral crown and adding LED shoelaces to your boots will give magical vibes throughout the night.

I deck out my combat boots with fun accessories like my reflective butterfly wings and LED shoelaces.

Futuristic Lover Outfit (Fuchsia)

I always feel super confident wearing a futuristic look at a festival, especially with all the lights and huge stages like at EDC. The J. Valentine Futuristic Lover Outfit (in Fuchsia) would be a showstopper on the dancefloor.

For this look, I would add black fishnets to highlight the popping fuchsia color. I would also add black faux leather garters or a garter mini bag, which can be cute and functional to hold extra items.

I love to add hair poufs whenever possible. It gives my hair more volume and completes the futuristic vibe–an iridescent set would be perfect!

I would also add some LED glasses to really light up the night!


Sparkle Love Outfit (Pink)

I have been trying to add more colors to my outfits this festival season, and The Sparkle Love Outfit (in Pink) is the perfect way to add vibrant color!

For this, I’d lean into the hearts and pinks for an ultra-feminine look.I would add some bright pink glitter eyeshadow and add glitter all over the shoulders for some extra shimmer.

With accessories, I would add some neon pink pouf dangling earrings and heart shaped glasses. To make the look even more colorful, I’d add LED leg wraps too.

They’re super cute to wear during the day and then it’ll bring a whole different party vibe once night falls.

LED lights on my legs and shoes are always fun to have while dancing and makes it easy for my friends to find me, lol. 

Here’s some quick style tips for your next festival look:

  • Add a pair of sunglasses! It can be both cute and functional especially during summer festivals. I love getting bold sunglasses with bright colors and fun shapes to add a layer of flare! 
  • Have fun with LED accessories! Visuals and lights are a huge feature at festivals, so why not be part of the excitement! The extra lights can also be super helpful to find things or when heading to the porta potties too. I love LED earrings, and shoe laces the most. 
  • Sparkle and shine with glitter! When in doubt, just add more glitter. I feel glitter always enhances an outfit. I like to add glitter to my face as eyeshadow or to highlight my cheekbones. 


Overall, wear what makes you feel the most confident, and check out Rave Bae Couture's latest Rave Outfits to find one that fits your vibe! 


About the author: Selina

Hey Ravers! My name is Selina and I am from Chicago, IL. Music has always been a big part of my life, and I’ve been able to hit up some incredible festivals over the last few years. I’m so grateful for my group of friends and all the happy memories made with the EDM community. I absolutely love rave fashion and get excited putting together new looks for each fest!

I can’t wait for festival season this summer and all the amazing vibes! I love dancing to music, being surrounded by friends and exchanging gifts. Lost Lands is my absolute favorite festival and I can’t wait to be back with the dinosaurs!


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