Why I Need These For EVERY Rave

Why I Need These For EVERY Rave

I’ve been raving for a few years now and I enjoy all types of EDM, especially all the bass / dubstep vibes!

Excision, Nghtmre, Svdden Death, are just a few of my favorite DJ’s and I love being near the front and feeling the amazing vibrations of the music.

But after a couple years of going to several raves every year, I started to feel like my hearing was seriously being affected.

By now I was totally used to feeling my hearing a bit muffled after shows, often even the next day.



Sometimes there was ringing in my ears too, but I always thought it was all just a normal part of going to a rave.

I started seriously worrying about it when I noticed that even with my earphones in at full volume, I felt like my music wasn’t loud enough.

Even with the music blasting so loud others around me could hear it, I still wanted to turn the volume up.



I never thought it was a serious issue since I'm only 22 years old, but I started to really wonder if all those hours of listening to the crazy loud bass music at raves was already damaging my ears.

Protect Yourself From Hearing Damage

I asked my doctor about it and he confirmed that the hearing loss I felt was due to being exposed for long periods of time to music at dangerously high decibel levels.



He told me that basically hearing is only safe in 100 decibels of sound for 15 minutes, and after that there's definitely some concern about permanent hearing loss.

Then when you start getting to 100, 105, 110, which is not unusual for raves, there is a significant concern.

I was surprised when my doctor even told me that due to the nature of the soundwaves, the frequency of bass is actually the most damaging to the eardrum.

But he assured me there’s no need to worry, since he said all I need to do is make sure I’m wearing some high-fidelity earplugs during the rave.



Doctors Recommend High Fidelity Earplugs

Apparently high-fidelity earplugs aren’t like regular cheap foam earplugs that just muffle everything.

With high-fidelity earplugs you can still hear the music clearly, but the harmful noise is filtered out and the sounds are brought down to a safe decibel level.

I'm not going to stop raving any time soon but I really didn’t want to keep damaging my hearing so I decided that I needed to get a pair of these earplugs.

Then I remembered that one of my raver friends had these really cute purple ones she always wore to events.



I texted her to ask where she got them from and she said they were the RaverMD earplugs from Rave Bae Couture, and she sent me the link.

Luckily when I checked out their website the earplugs were 50% off so I took advantage and ordered a pair.

To be honest, the first time I tried them at a rave it felt a little weird, but after a few minutes I couldn’t even tell I was wearing them anymore and the music still sounded awesome.

I was kind of scared they would fall out or something too but they stayed in my ears nice and comfortably.



They even came with a little carrying case that was super handy for keeping them in when I wasn’t at a stage.

The best part is that for the first time I didn’t experience any muffled hearing or ear ringing at all after the event!

I’ve worn my RaverMD earplugs to every rave since then, and recommend them to all my raver friends.



I even bought a pair in black for my boyfriend (who wanted to keep mine after trying them on haha) and now he wears them to all the shows too.

Ladies please protect your hearing and start using earplugs it’s worth it!

The 50% OFF sale is here again so take advantage and order a pair for your next rave in one of the 7 cute colors, including clear for max discretion.

Save even more when you buy a pair for your rave bae too, SHOP BELOW!


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