Finding My Home

Finding My Home

By: Sarahlynn Romaniak

Hello all of my Beautiful Fruties!

I would like to take you on my journey and tell you my story about my First Festival Ever!

Being fairly new to the festival scene and with covid putting a hold on so many things we all love and enjoy , I never even got the chance to experience a festival before things got shut down.

I wondered if I would ever even get the chance?

And then I saw the flyer for Sunset Music Festival ( SMF).

Restrictions were not as extreme as where I live here in New York and I started to get super excited and immediately texted all my friends and said WE ARE GOING!!!!!!!

Because all my friends knew how important this was to me we all rallied together and made it happen!

And we came from all over, New York, Colorado, Vermont and started looking at places to stay and booking flights!

Fast forward to the first day of the festival -of course I was a nervous wreck and all my friends are veterans to the festival life lol.

It took me hours to get ready and I wanted everything to be perfect , my hair , shoes, makeup, my outfit (which of course was from Rave Bae Couture).

I remember driving up to the event and I actually started getting a panic attack lol I remember thinking am I going to be able to last all day? What if I get lost from someone ? What if my phone dies ? What am I going to eat?

And then it happened , I looked up at the line of all of the beautiful fruites and I just calmed right down.

Everything I was worried about went away and there I was waiting in line with all of my friends and so many amazing people I got to meet while we were there!

I got my first Kandi and I cried. It was the most beautiful and pure thing that has ever happened to me.

I ate my first island noodles and I fell In love.

I saw Vampa who has been one of my favorite Djs since I got into the festival scene.

And the people . I could honestly tear up when I think about the people I met and how welcoming the community was.

Growing up I always got kicked on . I was a nerdy kid with big eyes and big glasses. I loved anime and video games and never had many girlfriends .

But here in this moment, I found my home.

So many beautiful women complementing me on my outfit , my hair , asking where I got my outfits from.

These women even asking for my IG and still speaking to me to this day ! I was blown away with the community and the PLUR.

Sunset Music Festival will forever be my first festival and my favorite festival . It brought me home.

It gave me a reason to believe there is good in people and you can be accepted as you really are.

I will forever be grateful for that festival and all the friends and experiences I made.


About the author: Sarahlynn

My name is Sarahlynn and I live in New York! Im 30 years old and I am a reiki practitioner. I live with my Boyfriend and My Puppy. When im not working or enjoying festivals I like to go for coffee and relax. I also like painting and making candels! My next big festival is Lost Lands and I couldn’t be more excited!

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  • Nikki_boagreis: August 15, 2022
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    Fantastic article, loved reading about your experience.

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