Festival Queens! A Survival Guide To Keep You Looking Fabulous

Festival Queens! A Survival Guide To Keep You Looking Fabulous

Girls, let me tell you. Boy do I have one too many experiences in my life of being completely forgetful and realizing a few hours too late that I forgot the most essential items on my packing list at home on my bedroom floor. And usually it will be the silliest little things that I didn’t realize I would miss and need so much.

It’s hard to pack going into a full weekend festival knowing you don't have the luxury of popping into Target for that extra bottle of sunscreen you told yourself you wouldn't need. Or that extra blanket, because it’s the middle of summer right? You won’t get cold! 

Ladies, I know you see these lists everywhere…bring extra food, extra water, and make sure to triple check for your sleeping bag. And I’m not here to repeat the simple things.

So I thought why not share my twist on all of the essentials to be a festie queen, super model, desert goddess, rave babe while still in the middle of the desert in 90 degrees heat for the whole weekend.


Essential #1:

First and foremost… EYELASH GLUE, will be your best friend. I can’t count the amount of times strangers have had to save my butt when my lashes wanted to fly away from my eye into the DJ booth. You can never be too prepared in the heat with all the sweat and water stations around, so if you have a fanny pack or backpack, always make sure to pack your extra glue!

Or if you feel like splurging eyelash extensions are a miracle worker. 10/10 recommend! no mess, no hassle and you can roll out of your tent ready to take on the world. 

Essential #2:

Following on the trend of bringing extra.. an extra set of pasties never hurt anyone. Queens, nothing is more awkward than having your pasties melt off your skin in the heat, and having no way to cover up! :P I always try and pack at least two extra sets just to be on the safe side, and you never know someone in a near by camp could end up needing them as well, always feels good to help a sister out :).


Essential #3:

Now moving on, I know a lot of my festival queens out there like to wear platforms.. and you SLAY THEM BEAUTIES! but I promise you… you will thank me later for this, throw a pair of sneakers into your bag or locker for the evening.

Giving your dancing feet a rest will truly help you be able to dance ALL four days away.


Essential #4:

Next, this isn’t as much something to bring as something to do… but a great festival hack my festie bestie taught me is to make the wallpaper on your phone the list of the set times for the weekend! It seems simple I know, but it helps immensely!!

You’ll save time trying to chase from stage to stage frantically leaving you more time to dance and enjoy yourself  and not to mention how your phone battery will thank you as well. 

Essential #5:

Last but not least, when you're packing up your suitcase, and piling you and all your friends into that small car, most importantly DO NOT FORGET TO bring yourself <3 bring you. whoever that may be. Whether she loves to be decked in all black or sparkly pink glitter. Because the best piece of advice I can give for conquering the weekend, is to be your shining beautiful self.

Go into it with heart and spirit, and make beautiful memories with your festie besties that you can cherish for life. When you look back on this weekend, thats all thats really going to matter <3


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Xoxo your weekend festival guide,



About the author: Clare Nemec 


Hey rave family, I’m Clare Nemec<3 I started raving when I was only 13 years old, and have been in love with it ever since! Just a Canadian Bass head with a passion for all things music and writing!

You can follow my journey on my instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/dinamo155/  if you see me at an event come say hi! <3


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