Electric Forest 2019

Electric Forest 2019

by: Tej


Within the past couple of years, I have been to a lot of music festivals such as Dancefestopia, Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Electric Forest, and Lollapalooza in Chicago.

Some I have been to more than once but with Electric Forest, it only took me one time to go and experience it to be my favorite festival to go to.

I grew up camping with my family, so a camping festival wasn’t going to be a problem at all, but little did I know that there was so much more to expect than just a regular camping festival.

What really got me at Electric Forest was the people and the vibe and atmosphere that they had. It was a festival where I could truly be myself without the feeling of being judge or not wanting to be myself.

I had finally found myself at this festival through music, my friends, new friends, and especially through myself.

I had gone down with a group, but I did not have to same music taste as everyone else did so as usual I’d go off by myself to go and see artists that I like.

What amazed me was every time I went to a different stage, I would always find at least one person I knew, whether they were a current friend or a new friend I had met that weekend.

Going off on my own I was never alone. My favorite part was when I was waiting for a set to start I decided to go into the forest and just roam around. The forest was so mesmerizing to walk through because there was so much to see.

I found a piano in the middle of the forest next to all the hammocks and heard someone playing a Sam Smith song and immediately had to go and check it out.

I found a tree to sit down by and as I was watching the person play the piano I felt as if the world and all my problems had been put on pause and I could just watch this person play the piano forever.

Once I snapped out of it I saw some people go behind the piano and open a tiny door. I didn’t know this at first, since it was my first Electric Forest, but around the forest there are little fairy doors where you can trade items.

Whether it’s kandi or a different personal item, you could put something in there and take something out. Another thing that they had there was a giving tree which had the same concept.

I put kandi against the tree and I found this beautiful glass bracelet that was attached to a small water colored cloth with a hand making a peace sign sewn into it and had a note on it too.

The note said “Happy Forest 2019. From my forest family to yours, have a magical time and dance your heart out! Be safe! Love Banana”.

I most definitely danced my heart out during Electric Forest!


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About the author: Tej

Hello my name is Tej! I’ve been raving since 2017 and don’t think I will stop anytime soon, maybe take few breaks here and there. Besides music festivals I love to travel and try all the different kinds of foods each city has to offer as well as coffee. My goal is to visit all 50 states before I get too old!

I’m currently a server and I’m going back to school to see what other life changing experiences there are out in the world. When I’m not out partying with my friends, working, or traveling, I like to stay at home and read the night away. Other than that I’m just a girl who loves music, good vibes, good friends, and good food��


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