Self-Expression & Positivity In The EDM Community

Self-Expression & Positivity In The EDM Community

by: Danielle McPeak


One of the many things I love about the EDM community is how accepting and welcoming it is.

Just as there are nearly infinite genres and subgenres of EDM, the same is true
of the people in the community.

And just as there are fans and lovers of all kinds of EDM, there is always something beautiful to be found in every raver, no matter what you look like or where you come from.

Like many people, I have struggled to love my body and see the beauty in it.

All through my childhood and teenage years, I was taught that there was always something to hate about my body and how I looked, and that I should hide those parts of myself from the world.

This got even harder when I gained weight and my body changed as an adult. That’s not to say that I always let the world get me down, but I remember feeling like I had to fake confidence in how I looked in order to mask my insecurities.

I came into the EDM community in my mid-twenties, and it totally helped me turn my perspective around. Suddenly I was surrounded by beautiful people at shows and raves and festivals.

Everywhere I looked, there were people of all shapes and sizes so lost in the music and so happy to be sharing this communal experience. We were all there together, joined by our love for the music.

And, OH MY GOD. Do people look incredible at shows or what?? Just look at the Rave Bae Couture Insta feed to see what I mean!

I truly believe that the EDM community provides people with the most amazing opportunity to shake off the rules of how they should dress or how they should look and bring out their best, most vibrant selves.

No matter what you look like or what the world has told you to be insecure about, you are welcome to dress yourself up and feel like a badass for the night.

The EDM community has shown me that I can bring my whole self without having to worry about hiding my so-called flaws. My stretch marks, my rolls, my curves, my dimples, everything – I don’t need to hide them or cover them up.

I don’t need to do anything other than be comfortable in my own skin. This freedom is priceless to me. EDM fashion has given me so much confidence – real confidence that I don’t need to fake anymore.

And when I put on my rave clothes, whether it’s for a show or for taking pictures at home, I feel unstoppable.

You, reading this now: you are unstoppable too. You deserve to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, and you deserve to feel good in whatever you wear!

You are beautiful. And if you bring your full self to the EDM community, I promise there will be so many ravers there ready to welcome and love you just as you are.


About the author: Danielle McPeak

My name is Danielle, but if you meet me at a show I’ll probably introduce myself as Dani. You can find me on Instagram @cosmic_purrmaid. I love getting dressed up and staging photoshoots in my bedroom. Besides EDM, I love video games, cartoons, thrift shopping, and hanging out with my cat. I’m new to flowing, I just got a Pixel Whip for Christmas and I’m slowly but surely learning how to use it. My first festival was Firefly and my next one is Lost Lands! If you catch me at a show, let’s rage together!

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  • Todd: September 16, 2021
    Author image


    Thanks for the link to the article. I haven’t been to a rave yet, but it sounds awesome.
    I haven’t really looked to find a local rave, but having connected with you and others, I think I’ll find something nearby.

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