EDM At Home: The New “Normal” For 2020 &  How To Make The Most Of It!

EDM At Home: The New “Normal” For 2020 & How To Make The Most Of It!

by: Alex Kennedy


Let’s face it… 2020 has not been easy on anyone.

For many of us ravers, going to shows and events was our livelihood—the thing we looked forward to most.

If there’s anything I have learned MOST from 2020, it’s that my ability to adapt and pivot is the KEY to overcoming any obstacle, and making the best of any situation.

I am going to share some of my biggest tips for keeping the EDM culture alive while we are stuck at home!

Instead of wishing things were different this is our chance to CREATE things we never would have thought of otherwise! (Perception is everything!)

Tip #1: Use this time to learn a new skill such as Flow Arts like hooping or shuffling.

Why not spend this time working out the kinks on a new skill, to prepare to you be AMAZING come festival season?!

There are tons of amazing classes + tutorials that you can find online.

I run a 30 Day online workout + shuffle program called “Shuffle Shred” (@shuffleshred in IG) that will teach you how to shuffle in 30 days!

If you are already a shuffler, the intermediate version of this program will help you level up your footwork while connecting with other AMAZING souls VIA zoom!

There are also many other shufflers who host super valuable classes online, a few of my favorites to check out are: @marygrace___, @sterlingtorress, @rebelindustry, and @ciaraloves.u!

Tip #2: Decorate your home with art, memorabilia, and lights to re-create the festival vibe at home!

One of the best things I did during quarantine was start decorating my house with things that reminded me of festivals, music, art, and good vibes.

Start with some LED lights around the baseboards of your walls, as well as some galaxy lights to turn your ceiling into a starry night.

(Both of these can be found on Amazon!)

I recently discovered a company called EDM Prints (@edmprintsofficial) that has TONS of canvases that represent different music genres, artists, vibes and themes that you would find at a festival.

They even have a custom print option where you can print your fav festival memory on a canvas and hang it in your home!

Use my code “ALEXEP” to save money on your purchase, and enjoy the beautiful artwork!

Tip #3: Get together with your friends (trying to stay within your bubble, of course) and have a “throwback rave” night!

Imagine this… everyone dresses up like its rave day.

(I’m sure you could even slip on some old wristbands that you have lying around!)

The White Claws are flowin’, you throw on your favorite set(s) from the last festival you all went to, and you jam out as if you’re re-living it… this time with VIP front stage view!

And HEY, if you have already done tip #2 and decorated your home, this will really start to feel like you’re at an event!

In times like this it is crucial that we still do the things we love- even if it means doing it from the comfort of our own home.

2020 doesn’t have to be all bad. If we simply shift our perspective, 2020 has actually given us many opportunities to strengthen our rave + EDM community and for that I am forever grateful, hopefully these tips can help you find the good in it, too!

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About the author: Alex Kennedy

Hey y'all! My name is Alex Kennedy AKA @alchemyxadventures on Instagram, and I am 24 years old from Toronto, Canada.

I am a travel and festival enthusiast. I am the creator of @Shuffleshred -- a program to help motivated individuals get fit & healthy, as well as learn to shuffle all online VIA Zoom! (shuffleshred.com)

My mission in life is to help others be the absolute best version of themselves through Shuffling, as well as Mindset Coaching (@theofficialmissinglink on Instagram). Shoot me a DM and I'd love to connect!💙


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