Dress Like Your Favorite Female DJs in Rave Bae Couture!

Dress Like Your Favorite Female DJs in Rave Bae Couture!

by: Jill Conway


Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery!

There’s no greater rave moment for a female festival goer than when Alison Wonderland begins her set with a deep bass mix of Ariana Grande’s ‘God is a Woman’, or seeing Whipped Cream close out EDC Vegas at Circuit Grounds as the sun rises above the Las Vegas Speedway.

So, when it comes to finding your next rave outfit, do those moments inspire you?

Or is it those artists and their personal style that makes you remember those moments with such strong emotion?

If you’re looking to emulate your favorite female DJ during your next opportunity to see them live, Rave Bae Couture has you covered!

With styles reflecting both the merch and personal style of your favorite female DJ’s, fellow rave babes will be complimenting you left and right at the next event.

Your answer: “I got it for *enter ridiculously brag-worthy price here* at Rave Bae Couture!”

Bonnie (Bonnie n Clyde)

Bonnie loves roses. It’s her and Clyde’s ‘thing’ and she’s made it a staple in her every day style.

More recently, Bonnie’s been taking more fun and flirty pictures and we’re NOT mad about it!

She is exuding confidence!

Match Bonnie's vibe in the Rose Prism J. Valentine Cut Me Out set! 


‘Butterflies’ artist, Cray, is the queen of lopsided style and she makes everything the wears look exceptionally and effortlessly cool.

From pants that have one pant leg and one shorts leg to her signature half red half black hair, she never matches but always looks fierce.

Another usual style for cray; two different shoes.

You'll be on Cray's vibe with these items from Rave Bae Couture! 

Matrix Xscape Fishnet Boots - Black

Pyro Princess Black Flame Glasses

J. Valentine Lace-Up Gloves


Whipped Cream

This boss of bass music is increasingly becoming known as the thickest DJ in EDM after posting pictures on Instagram with a closer look at her personal style.

She wears what she feels confident in and you can see her self-assured attitude in her dark and deep bass music.

Rock a similar style in the Tron Babe bodysuit! 


Alison Wonderland

Purple hair, extra-long t-shirts, biker shorts, FMUOASL masks and platform shoes.

That is all you need to show my favorite female DJ the most sincere form of flattery.

Alison Wonderland plays sets in her merch because it’s what she’s most comfortable in and if you’ve seen her live you would know her talent and passion shines no matter what she’s wearing.

Hint: Platform. Crocs.

Channel Alison Wonderland vibes in these super cute items available here on RBC: 

Whimsical Wonderland Glowing Dress

J. Valentine Sherbert Gypsy Velvet Bodysuit - Tie Dye


Grab your spiral goggles and lets get trippy with Space Mom, Rezz!

If you’re one of those girls who feels exceptional in an all black outfit, channel your inner Rezz and wear an all black outfit with goggles.

Or channel Space Mom in a different way and wear a reflective outfit with alien ears.

You're ready to match the Rezz vibe in these new outfits from RBC!

Bass Baddie outfit

J. Valentine Spectra Babe Cutout Set - Black Holo


Check out more cute rave outfits here at Rave Bae Couture for when inspiration hits you next!


About the author: Jill Conway

Hi! I'm Jill and I love EDM music, specifically bass! Some of my favorite DJs are: BTSM, Alison Wonderland, Whipped Cream, DIESEL and Avicii! Catch you on the rails!


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