Dreaming In The Glitter

Dreaming In The Glitter

by: Darri Rapoza


Drew Barrymore once said: “You know you’re putting a good thing out into the universe when you put glitter on it”.

That could not be truer especially in the Rave World.

When going for a Festival themed outfit, there are more components than a cute crop top and shorts.

The outfit selection for a festival is one that takes Pinterest boards, Glitter selection and lots of planning.

Here are 5 key questions to ask when picking the right piece:

1) - Is this easily removable/does it come undone easily?

If yes, probably not the best piece to pick.

The last thing you want is to be fussing with a loose strap or worrying that your top is falling off.

2) - Is this something I care about getting dirty/lost?

If no, add it to the possibly pile!

If yes, save it for a night on the town, festivals in my opinion are not the time to break out the Gucci Belt or Raybans.

3) - Will I keep fidgeting with my hair style?

Stressing about your hairstyle falling out or if the glitter is still there are worries that should not cross your mind.

You want your hairstyle choice to be one that stays the whole festival and can withstand those against the rail head-banging moments!

Bobby pins, Hairspray and tiny rubber bands will be your friend throughout your festival weekend.

4) - Is this outfit versatile for any weather encounters?

No one at EDC 2019 was expecting it to be so cold and windy!

Thin layers work wonders and they don’t take up too much space in your rave mom/dad’s backpack!

5) - Will I be able to stay in this outfit for 12 hours?

This is a question that is probably the most important of them all.

Let’s break it down:

a. Shoes: need to be comfy enough to walk around hours in (5-inch heels are cute, but not durable, select a closed toe shoe/boot)

b. Bra/bralette: will it be poking, rubbing, or lacking in support; you don’t want a
fabric rash or bra wire to be poking your side and distracting you from the chicken skin Odesza’s set is giving you.

c. Backpack: This is essential!

Either a light backpack/camelback, crossbody, fanny pack: which ever you choose you want to pick one with lots of pockets to hold the most important items.

Now for the GLITTER! The best trick I have found to making sure your glitter stays prominent and sparkly the whole festival is the combinations of Vaseline and Extra hold Hairspray.

Whether you use one or mix them together your glitter is in for a long-lasting night.

The small sized glitters tend to stick longer (harder to wash out too!), but the larger sized glitters tend to fall out easier and faster.

There is no such thing as too much; don’t save the glitter for the next festival, splurge and get yourself a new pack.


About the author: Darri Rapoza

I absolutely cannot wait for the next festival and to see all the outfits but more importantly all the GLITTER!! Catch up with me in September and October under the electric sky! 💕”

Instagram handle: @darri_queen


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