Don’t Judge a Raver By Their Sparkles

Don’t Judge a Raver By Their Sparkles

by: Colby M.


If you are wondering what kinds of people rave; what crazy delinquents these preposterous events attract and what’s with all the glitter? – the answers may surprise you.

The rave community encompass all walks of life, from students, to professionals, all the way to grandmothers who are still going strong.

This diversity fuels and propels its beauty.

My first rave was Nocturnal Wonderland 2017. I was brought to the event by my then almost boyfriend (now fiancé) and I had no idea what to expect!

Growing up in a smaller town in upstate New York my exposure to what I was about to experience was close to zero.

What I walked into was a beautiful explosion of love and expression. I had never seen so many people having so much fun simultaneously.

At that event I traded my first Kandi and learned the meaning of PLUR- Peace, Love, Unity, Respect.

Truly a life changing experience, one that I could not wait to repeat immediately!

Following my first event I continued to attend raves and music events as much as possible. It became an escape from the very stressful situation presented by attending law school.

I was not alone though in this, many people were also there to escape the stresses that everyday life put on us to behave, conform, and fall in line in one way or another.

This is something you realize quickly at raves, you are never alone and someone is there who wants to understand you and hopeful make things better.

It is a place to run-away and be found all in one.

It breeds hope, understanding and reminds you to dream.

One of the secrets of raving is how each and every person at the event – makes the event extraordinary. Everyone is contributing something.

Some people dress up, some people make beautiful or hilarious totems, some dance, some head bang, some practice flow arts, some trade Kandi, some just show up with open hearts.

Whatever it is, each individual is a building block in the experience that is the rave.

Incredible and talented DJs aside, the rave does not exist without the community dedicated to being present there. Raves can be big parties, and they often are, but they are also much much more than that.

They are a place to be creative and expressive and to let go. We all want to have fun and Raves are a space where we let ourselves do that.

Everyone works together to make it a beautiful experience.

Filled with cooperation and compassion the events that may look like drug fueled escapades, are actually meaningful and moving reminders of how incredibly filled with potential humanity is.

So yes I am a Lawyer, but I’m also a Raver. And yes Raves are a Party, but they are also Therapy.

At raves you are stripped of the superfluous trappings of “who you are” what labels you use to describe yourself at a dinner party, and you become human once again and all together.

You are reborn into who you want to be, and if you want to be glittery well fuck it be glittery and sparkle the night away!

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- With so much love gingger.bum


About the author: Colby M.

25 year old artist/lawyer and avid advocate of the dirty bird vibe! Come find me at your next event! @gingger.bum 


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