Connecting through music ....Virtually

Connecting through music ....Virtually

by: Zahra Bhimani


As many of us can agree, throughout this global pandemic we have been impacted with, it has been a tough journey for the ones who live through music.

For most, music is a way to get lost in the depths from reality and lose your mind to experience a life full of happy moments.

Personally, EDM has always been a way to not only get lost from reality but to make it my reality as an everyday life.

Whether it’s attending events or festivals, sharing the music with the unaware, or simply engaging in the EDM community, I live through the EDM world.

And while I say that I live happily as a raver with a passion for the music, it comes with no doubt that the global impact led me and others, away from that reality.

And as someone whose passion is EDM, it gives me ultimate joy when I say that it is our EDM community that regardless of such impact, still found a way to stay connected through the music.

It is those DJs that gave us the feels right from our living room. Their fervid eagerness to keep the community alive was a major success nonetheless and it comes to show how connected we all are.

That with just a TV screen, we felt each other’s vibrations connecting through the music we all have come to know and love.

We picked up right where we got locked down and turned those festivals into virtual streams.

Our passionate DJs who kept making music to give us what our souls were craving. They made the most of the lockdown and provided us what we were all missing. A show.

And even though there was only a screen connecting us all, it was still connecting us in ways we longed for.

I remember my first virtual raveathon. I was sitting with my loved one and turned on YouTube to see some of my favorite DJs.

And as I was watching, enjoying the live shows right from my living room, the viewers grew more and more.

And that’s when I realized the love that so many people have for raving and the music. I realized how we were all reunited, even if it was just through some screen.

It’s in that moment where I closed my eyes, imagined a stage with all my fellow ravers, and smiled.

The year 2020 has had barely any festivals. And any that were forthcoming, got canceled.

This leads me to say that it has been quite a while since I’ve had the cool gust of air blow my hair as I enter a festival.

A while since I’ve had my ears ringing after I reached back to my hotel room. And a while since my feet have felt like sandpaper.

But being so connected with the EDM community through these live shows, it doesn’t seem like forever ago where I’ve experienced the vibrations of the DJs and my fellow ravers.  

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About the author: Zahra Bhimani

I’m a huge couch potato with a passion to headbang! So Im kinda loving banging my head right from my living room. Though, I’m absolutely ready to be back out there traveling festival to festival which I absolutely love doing!
From Chicago all the way to Atl, both are home for me. And if you’re as passionate as me for the music, hit that follow on insta @zbhimaniii.


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