Breaking News: The Truth on Svdden Death’s Svdden Disappearance

Breaking News: The Truth on Svdden Death’s Svdden Disappearance

by: Sham


Spotted: A Wild Danny. Can’t believe the dark lord has returned. If only we knew where he was...

Such a thrilling sight to brighten this long, rainy Los Angeles weekend.

Friday afternoon @svddendeath took to Instagram to break his many month hiatus.

A total of three months to be exact. A set of photos (including a self-made meme) were posted to his feed, also totaling out to three images.

Coincidence? I think not.

The caption reads “what the hell is up” with no capitals or punctuation, a bold move in my opinion.

What ensued? A tidal wave of questions of course.

The overarching seems to be “why” and that’s what I plan to investigate!

I, like most, beared witness to the legendary Virtual Vibes show in October.

You know.. the one with him djing in the middle of the California desert in front of a massive Medusa head shooting lasers and fire from sky-scraping snakes built into the ground.

How could anyone forget? After such an extraordinary set partnered with Slander and Nghtmre, the producer posted a video encouraging others to comment on their favorite “ids” from the mix.

In this context, “id” is a reference to an unreleased track from a producer/artist.

This is a term well known and often used in the edm music scene. This post would be his last for the oncoming winter.

Thinking back, I can actually remember my first encounter with Mr. Death quite vividly.

My first festival was Insomniac’s Audiotistic sometime in mid July of 2019. This being the nor-cal location at the Shoreline Amphitheater. If you can recall your first rave, I'm sure you can place yourself in my 18 year old shoes.

Oh how bright-eyed and astounded i was stepping into this new world unbeknownst to me prior. I am dead-center in the “Frequency 2.2” crowd, hydrating after an hour of Gammer’s high energy set when the unexpected happens.

The audience falls silent right before a voice echoes through the speakers saying “I WANT TO SEE SOME VIOLENCE”. I turn to find my rave fam for guidance but it is already too late.

I am engulfed by mosh pit after mosh pit with no idea what is happening. Guttural beats blast as we maneuver out of the area, barely making it out alive.

It’s funny how these things turn out, seeing as Svdden Death has now become one of my all time favorites. Within a year span, I managed to see him live FIVE times without running away.

From the Give Thanks festival in Fresno to Insomniac’s Countdown deep in San Bernardino, each time better than the last.

It wasn't until a day or two before his Valentine's day show at the Hollywood Palladium dubbed “Rip Your Heart Out” that I got to meet Danny.

A kind and charismatic dude who held such a dark alter-ego. At this point I was fully hooked to say the least.


Little did I know, that would be one of my last shows before the global pandemic (in person I mean, I have been to more park n’ raves at the nos event center than I can count).

Throughout the never-ending reign of “the rona” he has put out a few tracks here and there but I believe something much more sinister is to come...

With a beard of THAT size and hair of SUCH length, my expert deduction is that an album is on the way.

Perhaps a VOYD Vol. 2 is in the works? Something showcasing the aforementioned “ids” from the post prior. I guess we won't know until we do. I for one cannot wait to be “welcome(d) to my doom”.

Check back for more updates on this developing case and be sure to watch my review of his infamous VOYD Vol. 1.5 on my Youtube channel (

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