All That Glitters

All That Glitters

by: Erin Klein


I have been going to raves for about three years now and one of the things I never get tired of is going all out with glitter. I think of glitter as an accessory and I absolutely love to add glitter, face and body gems to all of my festival outfits because I think that they complete an outfit.

Whenever I chose an outfit I like to try to start with a theme, color, or particular look. For example doing an all-pink look, neon or black and silver and then try to match my glitter and gems to that look.

I think glitter is a great compliment to an outfit so I always want the colors to match the colors of my outfit. I personally like to use loose glitter for any body-glitter and a non-greasy, quick-drying hair gel to apply it, that way it doesn’t feel slimy or sticky.

Hair gel works extremely well with loose glitter because it spreads easily and helps to get good coverage while keeping it in place for the duration of your event. I don’t do glitter in everyday life so when I go to festivals I love to go all out with it.

On top of loose glitter, I like to use a pressed glitter when doing eyeshadow or anything around or under my eyes. Pressed glitter or glitter gel is a good choice for any eye makeup look because that way you don’t risk getting loose glitter in your eyes during the night.

Another super useful trick I learned recently while attending HARD Summer was using eyelash glue underneath your face gems to get them to last longer. If you’ve ever attended HARD you know how hot it gets, especially this year, with temperatures reaching the mid to high nineties.

I have a fairly oily t-zone and was concerned that my lovely jewels wouldn’t last more than an hour in the desert heat. The eyelash glue worked wonders and I was so happy with how secure all my jewels felt. They lasted the entire festival with no issues and no need to reapply the glue.

Lastly, I wanted to offer some tips that I’ve learned since I started attending festivals. Prior to attending the Electric Daisy Carnival this year, I had never considered using a hydration pack, I would usually just buy water inside.

Although after using a hydro pack I can no longer go to a festival without one. They’re extremely convenient and beneficial, and you’re not breaking the bank buying $7 water bottles.

I also recommend bringing a hand fan. Not only can it be an additional accessory but is super helpful when you find yourself in the middle of a packed and stuffy crowd.

I hope you have found some of the suggestions and tips that I’ve mentioned useful or helpful in any way. I love raving and festivals and love to be able to share some of the things I have learned with others!

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About the author: Erin Klein

Hey there! I'm Erin and I am currently a senior in college that’s majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Public Relations. My dream is to work in fashion journalism or in social media and brand management for a fashion or beauty company. I absolutely love raves and festivals and they have become a big part of my life and I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with others!

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