A Warm Welcome to the World of Shuffling!

A Warm Welcome to the World of Shuffling!

by: Alex Kennedy


Shuffle dancing has changed my life.

It’s crazy to think that a style of dance- an activity that is done for fun at a music festival- has impacted every single aspect of my life in such a positive way.

I started shuffling at the end of March 2019- at Ultra Music Festival.

I had taught myself how to do the Running Man prior to the festival... and little did I know that this simple action would change my life forever!

For the past year, I have practiced shuffling 4-5 times a week and it instantly became my workout, my form of release, my energy booster, and my “me-time”.

My mental health has drastically improved now that I have an outlet to channel my energy.

As well, listening to music and dancing (changing your physiology) are two of the most amazing ways to boost your mood.

On top of that, I have lost 20 pounds from the AMAZING workout that shuffling provides!

There is no better time than right now to learn how to shuffle.

During this pandemic, mental and physical health is extremely important and shuffling is the perfect way to boost both of those areas of your life!

You can use this uncertain time to channel your energy into learning something new, feeling good and connecting with others.

Here are 7 tips if you want to learn to shuffle:

1. Be patient with yourself!

We all had to start somewhere; your body isn’t used to moving like this, so really be gentle with your learning process!

2. Don’t give up.

Practice, commitment, and consistency are KEY when learning this style of dance.

3. Stretch.... OFTEN!

Your muscles need a great warm up and cool down when you’re working SO MANY different areas of your body!

4. Find a mentor/coach!

There are tons of individuals who are willing to do 1:1 sessions with you to help find your flow and build a great foundation in the shuffle dance/ footwork world! (hint hint... me!)

5. Dance to music you LOVE!

Listening to your favorite songs while learning to shuffle makes the experience even more enjoyable!

6. Join a shuffle challenge

I actually host a monthly shuffle challenge on Instagram (@shuffle.fitness) which allows you to be in a group chat to connect with other shufflers, get positive feedback, learn something new every day, and up-level your skills!


7. Have fun with it!

We all look a little ridiculous trying to learn a move for the first time. Laugh at yourself, work hard, and remember to have FUN!

If you want to learn to shuffle, follow @shuffle.fitness on Instagram for new tutorials every day!

Also you can always reach out to me @alchemyxadventures on Instagram if you have any questions, need tips, or want to schedule a 1:1 lesson with me!

I would be honored to help you start your shuffle journey and grow with you as an individual and as a shuffler!

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About the author: Alex Kennedy

Hey y'all! My name is Alex Kennedy AKA @alchemyxadventures on Instagram, and I am 24 years old from Toronto, Canada. I am a travel and festival enthusiast, and in the last year I have really found a passion in shuffling and cutting shapes!

My mission in life is to help others be the absolute best version of themselves through Mindset Coaching (@theofficialmissinglink on Instagram) as well as teaching shuffling through @shuffleshred! I hope to connect soon!


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