A Rave Princess’s Wardrobe

A Rave Princess’s Wardrobe

by: Remy Mattison


Just like painting, sketching and sculpting, assembling the perfect rave outfit is an artform of its own. Rave fashion is an acquired taste and it takes time to develop a sense of rave style, but at festivals, anything goes!

Real life fashion and day to day style can already be super overwhelming and make you feel boxy. At raves, our inner goddesses can be set free. We can choose to wear whatever we want and be whoever we want to be. Festivals are the place to experiment with style and push the limitations of fashion.

Choosing a look is definitely a process. I spend weeks, even months putting together outfits. My motto is to never wear pieces that I will easily see 50 other people wearing.

There is always a DIY aspect in my outfit planning. The key is to find unique pieces that you love and build upon them.

Styling outfits is like doing a puzzle, you keep trying new pieces until you find the one that fits. I personally love bright neon, and bold looks that incorporate many matching accessories.

I will typically begin the hunt for outfits a few months before a festival. I first try and pull inspiration from Instagram, or Pinterest. I also head to my local mall or thrift shop to see if I can find any hidden gems. It usually takes a few weeks for a complete idea to pop up in my head, and then I just roll with it.

My ideas are always unique to me, so it can be challenging to find exactly what I want in stores. I always end up ordering parts of my looks online, buying other parts in stores, and even sewing some pieces myself.

There is uncapped potential to be as crazy and as loud in your rave fashion as you desire. I bring my own flare to trends, so I can be stylish but still true to myself.

There are simple guidelines that avid ravers should follow. I always consider comfort, mobility, individuality, and boldness when styling my looks.

A true rave princess is:

  • Always comfy and ready to break it down at any moment if a shuffle circle forms.
  • She has comfy shoes on so she can dance all night long.
  • She is minimalistic, but edgy.
  • She is always confident in her looks and is always herself.
  • A true rave princess lets her inner unicorn fly!

The real secret to amazing rave style is to wear whatever makes you happy, so yes girl, you should 100% get that hot pink glitter bodysuit and the holographic sneakers with the fairy wing backpack.

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About the author: Remy Mattison

I’m Remy Mattison. I’m a Youtuber, blogger, raver, shuffler, weightlifter, fitness expert and shopaholic. I’ve loved creating videos, music, writing and exploring every art out there since I was a little girl. Follow me on Instagram @Remymattison and subscribe to my youtube channel!




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