A Decade of Change

A Decade of Change

by: Nessa


I stepped foot into my first rave about a decade ago and what I saw was so different from what I would see today.

It seemed that everyone I knew had a few pairs of fuzzy fluffies (furry legwarmers for anyone who hasn’t seen them) and a tutu.

It was wild, it was colorful, it was playful.

Sometimes it even felt like regressing into childhood, looking at all of the amazing costumes and outfits that I saw.

Everywhere I turned, I could see plushies and little toys attached to everything that we wore.

Everything was a neon explosion, except for the gravers (goth ravers).

Subcultures mixed, from cyberpunk, steampunk, and goth to kawaii Hello Kitty gear everywhere.

There were still people wearing UFO pants or vintage tees around.

Every group had a rave parent that was sure to be carrying a bottle of water and some scrunchies and of course light show gloves and poi, and later orbitals, were the light toys of choice.

People would get together and make kandi, of course (and everyone at the time knew the unspoken rule of making it yourself!), but I have fond memories of talking to friends who were working on some costume or another.

It was like looking at the height of creativity.

It was easy to spot another raver because they would often have at least one single piece of kandi, even at work or school.

Every other person I met had a P.L.U.R. tattoo somewhere on their body or wrist!

We were the weirdos in our regular lives, looking for somewhere and some way to escape.

Events would often be held in a way that was not so cost restrictive and so all kinds of people from all walks of life would come together as one.

I kid you not, it was such a common sight to see someone's’ pet rat peeking out from the paw of their spirit hood!

It was a place where self expression was praised instead of ridiculed.

Someone once told me that we were the last of the old school ravers. Maybe we were, maybe we came a little bit late.

Either way, one thing I know for sure is that everything is always evolving.

Leaving the underground bit by bit, rave culture has transformed and warped itself into something totally different.

People differentiate between raves and festivals less than before, and often treat them as one in the same.

Gone are the days where you walk into a warehouse and recognize tons of familiar faces.

With less warehouses, and more clubs, it’s not surprising that some of the new fashions have more sparkle than before!

As society wakes up more to allow women to dress how they want, we also see more freedom in how women dress at these events.

From shorter booty shorts and leg wraps to pasties and pashminas, things are looking a little different in retrospect.

New toys are coming out consistently, from LED whips to hula hoops that emit amazing patterns.

I don’t think that EDM is going anywhere. Revolution. Evolution.

Whatever you call it, it means change is coming! Shine on, my friends, and go express yourselves!

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