5 Tips to Fast Track Learning to Shuffle

5 Tips to Fast Track Learning to Shuffle

by: Alex Kennedy


Festival season is BACK in full swing! Quarantine is over, and there are TONS of people who started to learn to shuffle during that time.

As a shuffle instructor and coach, a question I get asked very frequently is – “HOW DO I FAST TRACK MY SHUFFLE PROGRESS BEFORE THE FESTIVAL I AM GOING TO!?”

There are tons of ways, but I am going to sum up the top 5 tips that have helped me fast-track my shuffle journey in the most impactful way:

1) Practice as often as you can.

I know, this seems obvious. But it needs to be mentioned! I can guarantee that majority of the shufflers you are super inspired by practice multiple times a week.

We cannot expect to learn the running man on Monday and master it by Tuesday.

Your progress will be a direct reflection of how often you are putting in the time to PRACTICE! This being said… rest is SUPER important, so don’t go overboard – it’s all about balance!

Each time you practice, you are creating new neural pathways in your brain to remember and understand the technicality of what you are doing.

At the same time, your muscles are developing muscle memory which allows your body to get into that “flow state” that we all crave in shuffling – where your mind can rest and your body just MOVES.

Just like anything in life, you must put in the time, make some mistakes, and trust the process while you are learning something new.

2) Go to a local shuffle meetup in your area.

Some of the most valuable things I’ve learned as a shuffler have come from watching other’s dance.

Social media is amazing, but there’s something special about sharing someone’s in-person-ENERGY while they are shuffling.

Typically, shuffle meetups are also full of people with TONS of knowledge, history, and PASSION for shuffling who are 100% willing to help you and give you some tips.

Do not be shy to ask for help, put yourself out there, and meet some incredibly talented shufflers from your area!

3) Take a shuffle class.

Shuffle classes are PLENTIFUL these days. Whether it’s in person or over zoom, you can literally shuffle and learn from some of the most amazing instructors out there.

Shuffle classes help you see your personal “blind spots.” When you are feeling stuck in an inspiration rut, or maybe there’s a move you just CANNOT seem to get down, a shuffle class is absolutely going to help you out.

There are workshops that are geared towards specific shuffle styles and movements, there are choreography classes to help get your creativity flowing, and everything in between.

4) Eat healthy and hydrate.

This one ALSO may seem obvious, but as a shuffler, you are an ATHLETE. You need to treat your body the same way any other athlete would.

Eating healthy and staying hydrated will increase your recovery time after shuffle practice sessions, enhance your energy within your session, and overall keep your body strong and healthy to withstand such a high-cardio activity!

5) Hire a coach or mentor to work 1:1!

YES, group classes are incredible… but there’s nothing like getting that 1:1 attention and support. 1:1 shuffle lessons allows you (and your coach) to customize everything to YOU.

In these private lessons, you can see where you’re at, where you want to go, and tackle the obstacles that you are feeling challenged by.

1:1 shuffle lessons has personally improved MY shuffle game significantly, and I highly recommend trying it if you are looking for in-depth coaching while feeling totally supported at the same time!

Find a shuffle instructor that you are most inspired by (and think that you would work well with,) and reach out to them and DO THE THING!


That’s all for now! I hope these tips help you feel confident in your shuffling and can enhance your festival experience.

Remember, shuffling is all about EXPRESSING YOURSELF, so release the judgement of what you are doing, connect to the music, and HAVE FUN.

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If you are interested in classes to help fast-track this journey, check out @shuffleshred, my shuffle education platform for all things shuffle!

There are beginners classes, group classes, private 1:1’s… there
is something for everyone and I’d love to support you on your shuffle journey and help get you festy-ready!


About the author: Alex Kennedy

Hey y'all! My name is Alex Kennedy AKA @alchemyxadventures on Instagram, and I am 24 years old from Toronto, Canada.

I am a travel and festival enthusiast. I am the creator of @Shuffleshred -- a program to help motivated individuals get fit & healthy, as well as learn to shuffle all online VIA Zoom! (shuffleshred.com)

My mission in life is to help others be the absolute best version of themselves through Shuffling, as well as Mindset Coaching (@theofficialmissinglink on Instagram). Shoot me a DM and I'd love to connect!💙


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